Then & Now

Feb 2017 ➡️ Feb 2019


I remember how tight this H&M shirt was across the chest when I bought it, but a few weeks into my @ww journey in 2017 I felt confident enough to wear it for the first time. .

Fun fact I actually got engaged the night I took that picture in the left, but I was in sweaty gym clothes! More on that in a few weeks on our engagement anniversary.


This is the other thing both my fiancé and I consume like fiends. I was able to trick him into drinking more water by buying this stuff. Then we both got really hooked. We lovingly refer to it as “juice“ so if one of us is in the kitchen the other one may ask for some juice and we know what to prepare.

Generally I drink coffee with fat-free half-and-half, filtered water at work/gym, seltzer, and of course juice. I’ve really cut back on consuming beer and wine, if I do drink I tend to go for a Bold Rock Rose Cider or a spiked seltzer.

Green Beans for Daaaays

I eat an obscene amount of green beans in a week. My favorite way: in the air fryer for 10-12 minutes then add cracked lemon pepper and sea salt. It’s my 0sp staple!

I’ve always been a “volume eater” and my eyes need to see a lot of food to feel satisfied. So getting to eat as much 0sp food on weight watchers freestyle was a real game changer for me!


Okay this isn’t 100% true, but let’s talks boobs for a minute.
I think regardless of my weight I’m genetically predisposed to bigger boobs, but that coupled with the rate in which they grew left me with me stretched out skin, even in my teens and 20s. I was never without a bra except to sleep. I HATED how saggy my boobs were.
I thought about getting a breast lift numerous times, but considering how many people I have lost to surgery complications, I am not going to have elective surgery.
I always knew there were exercise that could help perk up my boobs, but never fully explored them. Well apparently the chest exercises in BodyPump do the trick! I took off my bra yesterday after the gym and I was like HELLO perky boobs. Post sports bra boobs are ALWAYS my best boobs, but even this morning after being bra-less they looked good.
Talk about a NSV!!

January: Blue Dot Check Ins

There is no trick to weight loss. As much as I’ve worked out this month, (or even all of last year) it’s what I put (or don’t put) in my mouth that has made the difference.
I honestly never thought weight watchers was going to work for me. The idea of counting calories and math just nooo. But the more I’ve measured and tracked other things in my life the easier it was for me to track on @ww.
“Blue dot days” are when you stay in your healthy eating range. Usually I aim for 5 blue dot days a week. I knew my NY trip for my grandma’s funeral (Jan 10-13) was going to throw me off track, but I didn’t give up. I got back on track as soon as I got home. In the process I figured out I could still eat NY bagels we brought back and keep in the freezer, but I split one with my fiancé. It hits the spot without feeling like I over did it. My relationship with food is a complicated one, but slowly it’s changing.
I guess what I’m trying to say just because something didn’t work once or a few years back doesn’t mean it couldn’t work if you try again. We change and evolve there fore trying something again is worth it – be it a food, workout, or habit or lifestyle change.

January wrap up

Whatta January! This morning I saw 171.5 which is the lowest adult weight I’ve EVER seen. It puts me at exactly 25 pounds lost since 12.28.17 and I finally hit and surpassed the 50 pound mark from when I first started my weight loss journey in 2010.

160s I’m coming for you!!!

Fun fact: I’m using the front of my Passion Planner this year to track my monthly losses!