I don’t really have “starting measurements” I guess I can get a copy of the log from my trainer at the gym, but I never did measurements in January when this journey truly took off. 

Regardless here’s where I stand today (in inches):

Chest: 36

Waist: 38

Hips: 48

Upper Thigh: 28

Above Knee: 19

Calf: 16.5

Upper Arm: 15

Mid-Upper Arm: 13

Neck: 13

Wrist: 6.25

Fun Fact: I usually can easily see weigh loss/gain in my wrists. I have a rubber bracelet that I’ve worn since November that used to be tight now it flop around on my wrist

Well Hello There Jeans from Ages Ago

Saturday I grabbed a pair of jeans I bought a few months ago (size 16) since my 18s were getting too big. Well when I put on the 16s they are getting to big – which is very exciting (but sad because I really liked these jeans, but I can just buy them again in a smaller size). However I have a bunch of 14s from college that I haven’t worn and plan on wearing in the interim until I meet a number only worn once for a brief window of a time…12. So no new pants for me until I need 12s. I can wear baggy 16s and old 14s until then.

Since I’m trying to stay strong and not weigh myself until WIW I figured let’s see if I can check out some weight loss via a stroll down the memory lane of pants. I grabbed a stack of jeans from college and 2 pair that I have NEVER worn because when I bought them they didn’t quite fit, but I told myself they would (and those of from a whiiiiile ago). Anyway I was happy to find that out of 5 pairs of old jeans 4 of them fit!

PS I went running in yoga-esque pants I bought last month (I was cusping between L and XL, but opted for the L because I didn’t want the XLs to fall off while running…which has been happening when XLs don’t have draw strings).  Well the L yoga pants were inching off me while running yesterday! I can still run in them, but hopefully not for long!

Unless something changed soon, I was going to live a life where my major relationship was with a bottle of wine…and I’d finally die, fat and alone, and be found three weeks later half-eaten by wild dogs.

Bridget Jones. A hilarious quote that I think we have all related to at times!

Despite only about 11 hours of sleep in the past 3 days – I’m headed to the gym after work today to run/job and meet with my trainer. I made my appointment with the trainer a few weeks ago not thinking I would be as exhausted as I am, but I’m gonna push through and hopefully sleep like a BABY tonight (and when I say sleep I mean take a 14 hour coma).


I successfully avoided lots of temptation yesterday. Eating college catering food is always dangerous. I avoided burgers, chips, cookies very successfully. I only had a SMALL spoonful a broccoli cheese casserole and 2 bites of someone’s pie. Instead ate heaping piles of grilled chicken, veggies and salad!


I’m jumping on the Weigh in Wednesday bandwagon!

Alas I am holding steady at 200.6 AKA where I was A MONTH AGO. This month was a little crazy with a long weekend in Baltimore/DC/PA and a quick trip to Boston in addition to training my orientation leader staff for ten, 10+ hour days.

I know this month I hit around 205 at one point, so I’m glad I’m back down I’m just bitter. I WANT NOTHING MORE TO BE OUT OF THE GODDAMN 200s and I’ve had to look at a friggin 2 longer than I’ve wanted. Next Weigh in Wednesday IT’S FREAKIN ON…MARK MY WORDS THERE WILL BE A “1” IN FRONT OF MY WEIGHT.