Just got back into town a little while ago.

I planned on doing 5 miles today, but after 8 straight days of working loooooooooong (12-18 hour) days I know I can’t do 5. I was actually going to skip running today all together.

I started writing a post saying that after a month of running all my scheduled runs today I failed, but I couldn’t bring myself to “publish it.” So I went upstairs and put on some work out clothes and am going outside for a 3 mile run (which I planned to do tomorrow, but instead I’ll do 3 today and 5 tomorrow).

This run will not be pretty, but it’s happening. 

Thank you tumblr…see you on the flipside.

My test run in my 10K outfit went REALLY well yesterday. I think dri fit clothing has changed my life. Seriously though I felt so good in my gear and not like an overheated, sweaty, soggy mess. I actually PR’ed by nearly a minute on my treadmill 5K.

  • BCG dri fit tank
  • Nike Pro dri fit compression shorts
  • Adidas sweatband.

Also please note the pigtail buns!

WIW Hotel Edition

So last night/today I’m in Birmingham and my coworkers and I went to dinner and my job was footing the bill. We went to an interesting grill/steak house. I had a yummy salad and one glass of wine and a baked potato…eeek. It could have been worse, but it could have been better too. However money’s been tight lately and it was nice to splurge since I wasn’t paying.

So according to the scale I’m up a poundish which is fine (I also didn’t drop the kids off at the pool this morning – I literally laughed outloud typing that, I spent a good minute trying to figure out how to write that and then Jessica Simpson circa being on newlyweds saying that came to mind).

I plan on doing measurements tonight when I get home (post 5 mile run) which I’m really looking forward to. I’m gonna weigh myself on friday for a more accurate pre-race weight and hopefully I’ll be in the 195/4 range.

This week: 196.8
Last week: 195.something I can’t see it on my BB.

I’m heading out of town for the night tonight for a work event tomorrow morning and I’m bringing my scale with me so I can participate in WIW tomorrow via my hotel (that has a rooftop hot tub and pool that I plan to hit up this evening).

I’m about to go to the gym for a 3 miler before I leave town and will be wearing my new 10K attire to test it out. I thought about running outside, but a mid-day run in 90+ degree weather in Alabama is a baaaaaad ideal.

Luckily I won’t be out of touch thanks to my BlackBerry (next month is me and my BBs 1 year anniversary)

image fasterstronger replied to your post: Center of Attention

Tall Girls Unite! I’m just shy of 6 feet and feel the exact same way! I buy heels all the time, but never ever wear them because, like you said, I feel like a giant linebacker in them. And boys are toooo short!


94monkeys replied to your post


Center of Attention

this is so interesting because I always wished I were taller (I’m 5’4”) and thought if I were, I would carry my weight better. I guess it’s always what you don’t have!

I do feel like I carry my weight well, but sometimes I think that school of thought is a crutch too. For taller gals I think it’s harder to just accept seeing higher numbers than for shorter gals (for the most part) due to our frames.

I think it’s hard that I’ll never be dainty (and not that I want to be, but there are some fashions and other things that I’ll never be able to pull off). I also have an irrational fear that a guy will try to pick me and won’t be able to regardless of how much weight I lose…that thought has always terrified me, I never let people try even if they are big strong dudes.

Overall I honestly think height plays so much into body acceptance and fashion and we all struggled regardless of which end of the spectrum we’re on – darn those 5’6/5’7 girls who have life made 😉

*Editor’s Note: how do you guys copy and paste comments and questions so the blue box is in the body of your post??

Popping my Tumblr Tuesday cherry

Since I got recommended for the first time ever today by Faster Stronger which TOTALLY made my day, I figured I would do my first tumblr recommendation

and it goes to someone I’m sure most of you already know: 365to30 

But what you may not know is I actually went to grad school with him. Sadly the trials and tribulations of grad school never afforded us to really get to know one another well and I then moved to the south whereas he stayed in the northeast after originally hailing from the south.

Randomly I started following him on twitter right before he started his tumblr and he is the one that introduced me to this whole fitblr world and I am so thankful that he did. I was already on my on weight loss journey, but all of you guys have really been the kick in the ass I needed.

So yeah you’re totally a super villian badass and I think we should crash Spring Weekend and play oozeball in tiny lycra leotards when we both reach our UGWs!

Center of Attention

I briefly mentioned it on here before, but my #1 insecurity about myself is not my weight, but it is my height. Weight is something I knew I could always have control over, but there is no way to make myself shorter.

I’m 5’9.5 and suffer from a bit of a Jessie Spano complex (Jessie on Saved by the Bell was set up on a blind date with a guy a he was sitting when she met him, after their date they stand up and she is like 6 inches taller than him, later that night she dreams that she keeps growing taller and taller).

Like I said I RARELY wear heels, I often made excuses that I couldn’t walk in them (not true). Yes, some of my heel concern stems from the fact that most guys are too damn short. Seriously where are all the 6’3 and 6’4 guys??? However, this weekend when I wore heels to further show off my legs (thanks to all my running) in shorts and a skirt, it made me realize that part of the reason I didn’t want to wear heels was because I already felt huge with my weight and being tall didn’t help. I feel like heavier short girls look cuter, while I just look liked a linebacker (I’ve never been short, so I have no idea how you folks feel in relation to taller heavy folks and I’m sure there are varying opinions).

I just think tall people get noticed easier and I guess I was just trying to blend in and not have my body make my stand out (my loud personality is another story/defense mechanism).

As I’m losing weight and getting more secure in my body I don’t think I mind being noticed as much and I can start wearing heels proudly.

Seriously though if you guys knew me in real life and my crazy height complex you would see what a major breakthrough this is.

Week 4 of 1/2 Marathon Training – SMASHED

I ran 9 miles within 12 hours.

I did my 6 last night.

And I needed to do 3 this morning.

I did NOT want to run. I was tired, but I was MORE determined. Today was the day I finished WEEK 4 of half marathon training – 1 MONTH. I can’t believe it. I owed it to myself to pound the pavement this morning.

I made the run more appealing by wearing my new ear buds and by wearing my sweatband (which was magical – no sweat in my eyes!!!)

Was it my best run ever….no, but I feel accomplished as all hell!

I only got about 8 hours of sleep last night (I try to stockpile sleep on weekends)and I have four 16 hour work days ahead of me (oh the joy of working in student affairs). So please keep me and my sore legs/body in your thoughts the next few days!

  • Week 4 Totals
  • Mon – Rest
  • Tues – 5 miles
  • Wed – 3 miles
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Fri – 4 miles
  • Sat – 6 miles
  • Sun – 3 miles
  • Total – 21 miles


FIRST – THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR POSITIVE WORDS AND COMMENTS. It means so much. thank you thank you.

I got some 10K gear today. I bought a dri fit tank, compression shorts, a sweatband, and new headphones (thanks 365to30 for the recs). *pictures coming soon – I plan on doing a practice run in all my new gear this week*

Today was my 6 mile run as per half marathon training. I planned on running in the evening again today since the timing worked out well last time. I had a work event this morning and then laid out my the pool ALLLL afternoon. I didn’t eat enough all day, was tired, and sun stroked (haha). I ended up not LEAVING for my run until 7:45pm. I didn’t love the course I chose and was tired. The middle of my run I wanted to give up, but  a. I knew it’s only mildly physical, it’s mostly mental. b. I was too far from home and if I walked I would be LAAAATE getting home. I took a few walk breaks, but charged through. The last 2 miles of the run I actually felt really good. I ended up doing the 6 miles in 1:19:02. I’ll take it. My goal for my 10K realistically is 75 minutes (1:15:00), and in a fantasy world its 69 minutes (1:09:00). I think given the obstacles I had to overcome today it was a solid run and it feels great to have done 6 miles – it was my longest run to date.