WIW – Up with the sun to run edition

Last week: 194.2

This week: 191.0

Change: -3.2

Total Loss: 31.6

I knew I was going to kill it this week. I wish I could have seen a 190.9 or something, but I’m not complaining either. Overall my July has been a success with over 8 pounds lost. I’m thrilled that I pushed through a major plateau in May/June and I feel unstoppable. Next Wednesday is my birthday and I’m coming for you 180s!!!

I also decided my UGW goal date: March 21, 2011. It’s the first day of Spring and Spring is a time of new beginnings and rebirth so I think it’d be perfect. I’m 23 pounds from my GW (December 31, 2010) and 36 pounds from my UGW. I’m on pace for both of those to be realities which is unreal!

P.S. I got up bright and early for a 4 miler this morning and kick off my roadtrip this afternoon (you all can keep up with my handy dandy schedule). I will try my best to stay in touch! xoxo

Why yes this is how I spent the past hour or so.

I’m NEVER this organized except when I go home because there is so much to do, so many people to see, etc that I need to know my schedule. There is PLENTY of things yet to be determined, but these are the major planned things…INCLUDING RUNS. Some run times are subject to change, but I will be running those amounts on those days. Still working out the specifics of my Central Park and Williamsburg Bridge run with my sister – that may be Wednesday/Thursday afternoon. And now my sister is mentioning a hash trail where you run to bars on a route…interesting.

So basically…is it tomorrow yet?!?! Not on the calendar is my pre-work (I’m only coming in for a few hours) run tomorrow. Since I’ll be sitting in a car for 6 hours 3 days I think the endorphins will do me good!


I forgot to mention yesterday that my tank and both pairs of shorts I bought yesterday were all larges. Which is AWESOME. It’s crazy how I’m still in the habit of grabbing XLs and then maybe a large on the RARE occasions the XL was too big. This time the XLs were like STOOPID BIG.

So last night I was re-trying on all my purchases and I made a faux paux – the bright blue shorts I bought… are GIRLS. I had tried on a navy pair from a different rack which were women’s, but when I saw the clearance shorts were navy I wanted to swap. So not thinking I grabbed cute blue ones from the rack next to where I got the navy ones – a girls rack. FAIL. So I need to go back and exchange the girls large for a ladies large. I noticed they were girls when I picked them up to try on at home, but randomly I did FIT INTO the girls shorts, it wasn’t pretty, but they fit.

Also the tank I bought – the picture I posted mainly showed the back of the shirt, the front is solid blue. I can’t get over how pretty the back of the tank is on. I was looking in my mirror with a handheld mirror to check myself out last night and I freakin love the tank.

P.S. I am SUPER STOKED FOR WIW tomorrow. I have been killin’ at the gym lately as well as in the food department!

I ended up getting 2 pairs of Umbro shorts (1 pair was $2.50) and a Nike pro dri fit tank and my Nike+ sensor for $4.50. BECAUSE I had my $50 gift card and $10 coupon. I kinda drove the cashier nuts because I went up with a few extra items because I’m terrible at math, but I was able to maximize my purchase!

Also I went to the consignment shop and they took almost all my items for consignment instead of directly buying them (but I could make more money in the long run). Well while I was there I tried on the AMAZING black jeans that fit like a glove and were $8. I know its too hot for jeans right now, but I looked bangin’ in them!


It’s time to cash in my 30 pound reward which is new running clothes.

So after much internal debate I figured out how I’m going to use my $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods. I am going to buy the Nike+ ipod sport kit (even though I’m a few pound shy of that reward for 35 pounds…HOWEVER I don’t plan on using it until next Wednesday AKA my Birthday…I love my birthday by the way, totally my favorite holiday). Hopefully I’ll be close to my next reward weight then.

I just think using my birthday as a start point to see how many miles I’ll log in a year will be fun…since you know I’m all about MEASUING LIFE! Also in my plan is for my mom to buy me new sneakers (Nike +) for my birthday and I just discovered there is a Nike Outlet at one of my favorite shopping centers at home (well I’m sure it’s been there for a few years, but I never cared until now!).

Back to the gift card, the Nike+ ipod sport kit is $30 bucks so with the other $20 I’m going to buy a new running top or two!! AND after work I’m selling some fat clothes today to the consignment shop – like serious 15 pairs of pants and some shirts. The clothes that I really like or that are really nice that are too big I’m holding on to and will get tailored eventually, but why spent money to fix crappy Old Navy/Gap/Target pants. So with that money I get from selling clothes I can also buy a part of shorts or two at Dicks (gah I feel so awkward just saying Dicks instead of Dicks Sporting Goods).

Hopefully by the end of today I will be the proud owner of:

  • Nike+ ipod sport kit
  • 2 or more dri fit running tanks
  • 2 or more pairs of running shorts
  • legit running water bottle

**Update: I forgot I also have a save $10 coupon to DSG (Dicks Sporting Goods). That’s another shirt thankyouverymuch.

Half Marathon Training Week 6 (take 2)

Since last week I couldn’t get in my long run I rebooted and this past week looked like this:

  • Mon – Rest
  • Tues – 4 miles
  • Wed – 4 miles
  • Thurs – 4 miles
  • Friday – 4miles
  • Saturday – 8 miles
  • Sunday – Rest

I kick off vacation this Wednesday which includes a 3 day drive from Alabama to New York (but with overnight stops in Charlotte and Delaware to see friends).

The running plan for this week is:

  • Mon – 4 miles
  • Tues – 6 miles
  • Wed – 4.5 miles
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Friday – 4 miles
  • Saturday – Rest/9 miles*
  • Sunday – Rest/ 9 miles*

*Not sure which day I am going to run. Saturday night is my NYC birthday celebration with friends. I may run Saturday instead of Sunday, because I know I will be drinking Saturday which may not make Sunday the best option.

The following week I’m planning on driving up to Connecticut with some friends and walking/jogging the trail on a state park mountain that is across from street from where I went to college. I love that trail and can’t wait to be back!

I made the banana ice cream I posted about. I actually found this handy dandy peanut butter packet with dark chocolate in it right next to the peanut butter. I had the chocolate chips in my cart like the recipe called for, but it made me nervous to have choc chips in the house. So luckily I found this product and put the chips back. So yummy!


Wow I finally gotten around to watching Prefontaine that I got from Netflix and wow. Despite loosely knowing his tragic story I sobbed uncontrollably the last 10 minutes. I’m adding Without Limits another movie about Pre to my Netflix also. Seriously though what a legend…what could have been, but such is life. The brightest stars are always the first to fade.

A lot of people run a race to see who’s fastest. I run to see who has the most guts.

—Steve Prefontaine (a quote that’s been sitting in my tumblr drafts for quite sometime)