WIW – Tuesday Edition

Since I’m going out with the professor tonight and don’t normally drink the night before a weigh in, I weighed myself today.

Last week:188.8

This week: 186.4

Change: -2.4

I was up last week, so it’s nice to see I’m down another .2 from my WIW two weeks ago. I’m down 4.6 for the month and considering I was on vacation whereI didn’t eat well and didn’t work out much I’m thrilled.

Also I ran 85.9 miles this month. I’m hoping to break 100 miles in September as I make my last training push before my half marathon.


It’s only Monday and this week already makes me want to throw up with work stress. I’m off to the gym to run and maybe punch some things, then tomorrow night it’s drinks with the professor – thankfully both will improve my mood.

nike+ sensor

Dear fellow sensor users,

Have you noticed that it seems to clock miles faster than the treadmill and even my livestrong loops. I’m been wearing my sensor for a week and have found that where I thought my 1 mile mark was in my runs – now reigsters a few hundred meters before with the sensor. Also on the treadmill I did a 5K on the treadmill and my sensor told me I finished the 5K when I only have 3.05 miles on the treadmill.

thoughts? advice? etc?

Hotter’N Hell Hundred

Yesterday was the Hotter’N Hell Hundred which is a cycling race that happens in a town I once lived it. It’s a pretty big deal. This is the info I found on it on wikipedia.

The Hotter’N Hell Hundred is an annual bicycle ride in Wichita Falls, Texas. It is held each year on the 4th or 5th Saturday in August (always 9 days before Labor Day) and includes professional as well as amateur riders. The professional racers ride a 100-mile road race, as well as time trials and criterium. For the amateur riders, there are road routes of 100 miles, 100K, 50 miles, 25 miles, and 10K. The amateur routes are also open for inline skating.

The race was first held in 1982 as part of the Wichita Falls Centennial Celebration. The name is thus a rare example of a triple entendre: one hundred miles (i.e., century) in one hundred degree Fahrenheit weather (the race is held in August, usually the hottest month of the year in Wichita Falls), initially conducted to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary.

Approximately 8,000 to 10,000 riders participate each year, making the Hotter’N Hell Hundred the largest sanctioned century bicycle ride in the US. 2009’s Hotter N Hell had over 14,000 riders

I’d like to one day participate in the race…maybe even get to be the type of rider that does 100 miles! Currently, I don’t even remember the last time I was on a bike, but I have big plans down the line…

Now I’m off to the gym for a run then yoga then dog obedience with my pain in the ass dog who ATE ANOTHER PAIR OF EARBUDS???? Why? Seriously it’s the only bad thing he eats and he has chewed up 4 pairs! I usually leave out of his reach, but it seems whenever I forget and leave them on the coffee tables he eats them!

Bachelor #2

Young, textaholic, lack of overall confidence, had no game.

I knew 23 was young. He was very sweet, but such a baby. Even more so considering I went out with 27 year old bachelor #1 on friday and have bachelor #3, a 36 year old professor in the wings.

I just wasn’t feeling bachelor #2 all day – from texting me 8,000 times to just being annoying. We met for coffee, chatted for an hour and a half or so. As soon as I got in the car it seems like he texted me. I actually let him down as gently as I could – which I think/hope he appreciated.

I’ve been FB messaging with #3 and we’re gonna go out Tuesday or Thursday.

I also texted #1 today. He replied quickly to my initial text and basically said “keep in touch” WTF. However I do like to chase a bit. I may text him after I go to the new pub with #3 and tell him I went (we had talked about it opening and checking it out) and perhaps invite him to check it out. From there hopefully it would be clear if he’s into me or not.

I hate games and I love them at the same time.

Oh and there is a potential bachelor #4. We shall see.

10+ miles…CHECK

Distance: 10.32 miles

Time: 2:20’ 25"

Pace: 13:35 min/mi

Calories 1450

I feel really good about this run. The sun was beating down on my the first half more than I would have liked and I feel like I walked a good bit of the middle 3 miles, but I ended really strong. The best part was the I never doubted myself and my ability to finish out the run. 11 miles I’m coming for you next week!!

Bachelor #1

I’m about to go out on a 10 mile run – this is my second attempt in doing so since last week I was derailed with a bad running route and tummy pains. I am pumped to run DOUBLE DIGITS for the first time EVER. I have a lot to think about on my run…namely last night’s date.

I was pleasantly surprised. I relieved that he was actually 5’10 (so many guys lie and I’m sorry, but I can’t date guys shorter than me). He was even hotter than his pictures. He had a hoop nose ring which was oddly REALLY sexy. He just moved down here like 7 months ago from New Hampshire so he retains very much of the “yankee” attitude and style that I very much enjoy. He actually lived in Colorado for a bit as well which gave him some additional swagger. Oh and he has short faux hawk-ish hair which I FREAKING LOVE. I hate southern boys where their damn bangs. Oh and he has sexy eyebrows – I have a weird thing for eyebrows. 

We had lots to talk about and I kept making him laugh. We were hanging out for like 2.5 hours on the back patio of a bar before it starts getting busy and loud. We only had 2 drinks and then just talked while drinking water for a while (which I take a good sign). Some people he works with ended up there (I don’t know if it was random or they texted him at some point). So we all hung out for another 45 minutes or so, but it was getting really loud to the point I couldn’t even hear people and I was getting tired so I told him I was tired after being up since 6:30am, but he should stay. So we pretty much said our goodbyes at the bar where it was crazy loud, but we talked about hanging out again. So we will see.

Now it’s time to sit and wait. Does he text/call me? do I text/call him? How long are you supposed to wait when it comes to these things. Normally I wouldn’t consider texting him, but since I left I just kinda want to make sure he knows that I really was tired/drained (I mean being “on” for a first date is exhausting and then being “on” for additionally people that come out is really exhausting). Then again he should know that I was pickin’ up what he was putting down and just be a man and make first contact. Do guys really follow the 3 day rule? I really have a love/hate relationship with the dating game. It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking. 

Plus I have date number 2 today!

I’m sorry this really isn’t weight loss related, but at the same time I count it all as a non-scale victory. I’m promise I won’t blog about all my dates. Or maybe I will and just put them as a “PAGE” on my tumblr site. I don’t know…


image erudylovesyou replied to your post: Date Night x 3????

I like smaller-n-smaller’s reply! Just wash the outfit each night, that would prove to be very interesting. I wouldn’t cut out the English Prof., though, based on the fact that he’s someone you already know, in case the first two dates don’t work!:)


smaller-n-smaller replied to your post


Date Night x 3????

just wear the same outfit each night see who gives you the best compliment 😛

Haha knowing this town I would see people 2 days in a row and they would think I was a dirtbag. I think I figured out my clothing issue. The guy Saturday is 6’3 so I am going to wear a skirt with a wedge. Tonight I’m gonna do jeans with flats because he is only 5’10.

Also the professor and I are going to go out sometime next week instead. I mean hello he asked for a date on Saturday the day before. I am a woman in demand, so I suggested a new pub that’s opening next week and he’s game.

Oh and writing a facebook message to an english professor is intimidating I kept looking up words to make sure I was using them correctly and spelling them right!

Wish me luck folks. Date #1 is tonight at 8