End of September Measurements

Today’s measurements and the changes since last month:

  • Chest: 35 (0)
  • Waist: 33.5 (-0.5)
  • Hips: 40 (-2)
  • Upper Thigh: 25 (-1)
  • Above Knee: 16.75 (-0.5)
  • Calf: 15.5 (-0.5)
  • Upper Arm: 12 (-0.25)
  • Mid-upper Arm: 10.25 (-0.5)
  • Neck: 12.5 (0)
  • Wrist: 6 (0)

I’m loving that my hips keep dropping like it’s hot and that my boobs are not downsizing. HOURGLASS FIGURE I’m coming for youuuuuu!

This and That

So today I went to spin class in my new padded cycling shorts. Goodness they are awkward to wear when you are not on a bike, but luckily when you are on a bike they are fabulous. 

Spin was fine. I missed last week so I felt “behind” or out of practice. I also didn’t want to push as hard as a I normally do since my race is Sunday.

Following spin I went home and did an easy 3 miles with my dog in 32 minutes. Felt great on the run. I’d also like to note that my dog is TOUGH. He’s a 7 pound pomeranian, but he likes to RUN. I’ve never taken him further than 4 miles, but I have a feeling he could handle it. 

Still monitoring the weather. HOPING AND PRAYING I get to New York tomorrow. My flight isn’t until 7pm EST – so hopefully I’ll know more information tomorrow afternoon.

I’m also currently working on my half marathon playlist. I have all the music, but I like to order the songs to help with my mood/pacing.

Then I must pack!

Call Me Crazy

So even though my first half marathon is this weekend, I signed up for my second half today. It’s on October 30th in New Orleans.

I was going to wait until after this weekend to make sure I was up for it, but for a few reasons I decided to register today:

  • The registration increased by $15 after Sept 30
  • I plan to take the week after my race a little easy, but in hopes of running a full this spring I have lots of long runs ahead of me
  • I feel great – mentally and physically. Sunday’s race is only going to increase both
  • Along the lines of my previous 2 points – Theodora decided to run her half because SHE COULD. and I CAN and WILL!

Does this mean I can say I ran a Full Marathon in October? 😛


  • This Week: 183.8
  • Last Week: 186.2
  • Change: -2.4
  • Total Lost: 38.8
  • Left to Lose: 15.8/38.8

YAY after weeks of barely moving it’s lovely to see you 183. I’m on the cusp of so many big things right now: losing 40 pounds, being in the 170s and let’s not forget running my first half marathon on Sunday. Life is GOOD.

I’m really excited about taking measurements tomorrow because I know despite the lack of major movement on my scale this month my body is changing and taking shape (as an athlete).

I’m bringing sexy back

Apparently Fall has come to the south, well at least for a day or two. It rained here for a day and a half and brought the temps down so I went out for a 6 mile run tonight. My last “long” before my half. Now it’s all 3 and 2 milers. 

It’s crazy to think that it was just the end of June when I first ran 6 miles and hated every second of it. I never thought I’d be where I am. This run was great, especially the second half. I was just in the zone. I also tried 2 new energy gels a Lemon-Lime and a Tangerine. MUCH better than the Vanilla and Strawberry-Banana ones I had previously. So a word to the wise stick with citrus gels. 

Distance: 6.11 miles

Time: 1:06:34

Pace: 10:52 min/mile

Calories: 857

I was surprised my pace wasn’t faster, but then again I had to wait to cross several streets. I am SO ready for the half. GAME ON.