Since I ran 2 half marathons in less than a month can I just say I ran a full marathon?

I’ll give a real recap later, but just wanted to share it was a tough run. I’m not making excuses, but being run down and dog tired the past 3 weeks affected my run for sure.

After a stellar first half of the race, mile 8 was full of frustration. I got some tree debris in my eye, I had to stop to pee and I walked for a minute or two to collect myself/calm myself down from being pissed about everything.

My tummy was hating me this run and on top of being tired I was extremely frustrated. I spent the last quarter of the race wishing it was over (I hated feeling that way).

I ran as hard as I could the last 4 miles without puking, crying, bleeding or pooping. All while being mad that I started the race with under 9 minute miles for the first 4.

My official race time isn’t posted yet. According to my nike+ sensor which I paused when I went to use a port-a-potty it had me at 2:16:53. I’m going to put my chip time closer to 2:19:00.

I’m disappointed in my time, but still proud of myself and my medal!

Race day

It’s 5:45am! I was too excited to sleep. I laid in bed for 5 hours, but I barely slept.

I’m sure I will be tired later, but that’s what post-race naps are for!

Right now I’m focused, ready and feel great.

See you all in 13.1!!

Pre-Race Day!

I took my “mental health day” and it’s been glorious. I slept past noon!

I am currently working on my half playlist. I don’t think I’ll have time to post it all before I leave, but in honor of Halloween I have included “The Monster Mash” – I also have a bunch of songs from True Blood which takes place in Louisiana. I also am including some Rocky Horror Glee. I like to have suble themes in my playlists. 

I know most of you won’t care, but there is a video on the race website of the route, I’m pretty stoked. Most of the run is on St. Charles street which I’ve heard nothing, but great things about. So check it out if you’s like

7am CST – I’ll be a running fool. I’m hoping to run it under 2:09:59. We shall see.

Then like 7pm CST I’ll be in drag and ready for some Halloween Hijinx. 

I’m sure I’ll post some short posts from the ol’ Backberry this weekend, but I hope you all have a safe and fabulous Halloween weekend!

**Note: My race packet has been safely picked up and in the hands of my friend Melissa’s amazing friend Darlene!

CRISIS AVERTED (for the most part)

A friend of a friend in NOLA is going to be able to pick up my packet tomorrow. I am going to scan my id and proxy consent form and e-mail them to her in a bit. 

I did call to inquire about other options and was unofficially told I could get my packet at 5:30am the day of the race. Which I would have done, but it also would have meant I needed to be there 45 minutes earlier than I planned. 

I’m excited, but nervous for the weekend. I AM RUN DOWN. I have been almost nonstop with work SINCE my half marathon the first weekend of October. I’ve worked 60+ hour weeks for the past 3 weeks (I have one last event tonight until 10pm-ish), college football games, visitors, lack of sleep, being sick, keeping up with my running schedule. It has all taken a toll on me. Honestly I’m not even going to get much of a break because NEXT Friday I head to St. Louis for a conference until the following Tuesday. I just need some serious ME time. I’m 99% sure I’m going to ask off work tomorrow because I think I might crack if I don’t get some time to myself. I’m also kinda happy I’ve decided to have a Thanksgiving STAYCATION and not go home for the first time ever. I think I’d rather just relax and so my own thing here. I NEED IT.

Idiot Idiot Idiot

Work has been so cosuming the past month that I haven’t really looked into or thought about details of my half marathon this weekend. My plan was similiar to that of Barney of HIMYM: Step 1 – Drive to New Orleans. Step 2 – Run. There is no step 3.

HOWEVER I wasn’t thinking about packet pick up. And guess what there is no race day packet pick up and I won’t get to NOLA until after it closes tomorrow. So now I’m last minute asking the 2 NOLA folks I know to help me out, but even if they can I need to get a waiver and ID copy to them to pick it up via proxy.

I am freaking. I want to call the number listed for Packet Pick Up, but I really don’t want to hear them say tough luck.