NSV – Belly Pop

I have limited knowledge when it comes to pregnancy and pregnant women, but I do know there is a point in their pregnancy when their belly “pops” and they go from not showing to showing like overnight.

Well I’m pretty sure I just experience the weight loss equivalent.

Yesterday I noticed that my belly seems to have “popped” IN. I went from have a little lower belly roll to a much flatter lower stomach overnight. Don’t me wrong I still have work to do on my stomach, but this is awesome. I spent like 10 minutes staring at my stomach this morning. I’m excited for my monthly measurements tomorrow!

Best FB Message Ever

Got this message on FB from my good friend Jeff after he asked about my relationship status and I had sent him a quick message:

That’s great news! I’m so happy for him. I have one question. His name is Wiley? Is he a coyote? If so, are you the Road Runner?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Yes, lets please meet up while you are in the area. Can’t wait to hear about this guys magical Coyote powers.

and by happy for him, I mean happy for you also…haha

Yes I have already thought about the 



weirdness of him being named Wiley and how I’m a (road) Runner.

Damn December

Ok it’s still technically November, but December is gonna be crazy. There are a bunch of after work parties and events that are going to throw off my running schedule. I’m happy I built in a few extra weeks in terms of marathon training, but getting in 4 runs a week is going to be tough. I’m gonna try my hardest to put in all the runs/mileage, but it’s gonna be a challenge.

I think balancing W and running will be hard too, but he is really supportive of my running and impressed by my focus and determination. I have mentioned my tumblr to him – I referred to as a fitness/running blog which is true. I also mentioned that I wasn’t as svelte as I am currently pre-running. That came up because picked me up again and I was like squirming and he didn’t understand why I was making a face. He was like I have at least 50 pounds on you…(and I wanted to be like funny that you mention 50 pounds because that’s about how much I’ve lost this year). Instead I alluded to weight loss from running, but didn’t get into specifics and I have most of my fat pictures blocked from him seeing on facebook. In the mean time I’ll let him think I’ve just been the goddess I am today all along. HAHA. I’m kidding about the goddess thing…ok half kidding 😛

PS – all you comments and messages are so cute and wonderful. I know that so many of you are genuinely happy for me and I love how much we invest in eachother’s lives. It’s so special.

Tumblr Official

Just wanted to make it Tumblr official that W and I are in a relationship!

We had the DTR “determine the relationship” talk this weekend – which he initiated. Followed by if we were going to be facebook official (social media is a fascinating thing – we decided to both put “In a Relationship” but not link to each other’s profiles. It’s interesting to see my facebook blowing up with comments, likes, messages – too funny).

As much as I love my facebook and twitter and blogger – I love you guys the most and wanted you all to know.

I’m off the charts happy. He is just absolutely amazing. I could go on and on about him (my boyfriend :::squeal:::), but I’ll spare you – my poor friends have already gotten an earful, but at the same time they are just so thrilled for me too.

Once again a year ago – I don’t even recognize that woman I used to be and it’s so much more than my body. It really is about your state of mind, confidence, and self love. I think once you really love yourself then love finds you quickly.

War Damn Iron Bowl!

If you like college football AT ALL I suggest watching the Auburn vs. Alabama game today at 2:30pm EST on CBS.

The defending national champs (Alabama) take on my Auburn Tigers (and hopeful national champions).

I’m headed fully decked out in orange: shirt, belt, bra, underwear, nails, earring, eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner – to watch the game downtown!

Should be a fantastic game 🙂


Let’s rewind to Wednesday evening shall we.

I was meeting W for dinner in Montgomery (halfway between us) and decided to head into town a little early because there was a New York & Company there. NY&Co is MY STORE. It’s probably a good thing that the closest one is an hour away – when I lived in Texas it was across the street from work, danger! 90% of my work pants are from there. I love their LONG lengths. I was hoping to get an item or two when @fasterstronger alerts me to the fact they are having a 50% off everything sale. I’m pumped. 

Trying on clothes when you feel good about your body is an amazing thing. I still really haven’t shopped much in months, but I knew my pants were getting stupid big. So I wound up with a pair of SIZE 12 dress pants and 4 pairs of MEDIUM knit pants. MEDIUM. I have been recently wearing some medium tops, but medium bottoms are uncharted territory. I also got some leggings, a silver sparkly belt (i have a new love of belts now that I don’t have to buy plus size/mens belts), a shirt and a pair of earrings. ALL for $98. AMAZING. 

SO obviously I had an additional confident boost from buying MEDIUMS when I met up with W. Thankfully I was feeling so good because when he gave me a hug he PICKED ME UP. I have not been picked up as an adult ever. No one had tried, nor would I had let anyone try. Regardless I was still slightly horrified that he picked me up. I was OMG he was have hurt himself or OMG he regrets doing that because I was so heavy. Well later Wiley picked me up again! I then felt better about the whole situation since he knew how heavy I was and still wanted to/could pick me up again. 

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve!

PS – how many calories do you burn making out? Because I this rate I might be able to drop some seeeeerious weight before New Years 😉

Huffin’ for Stuffin’ Turkey Trot!

Ran my 3 mile trot in 26:04 – that’s a 8:41 average pace! Redonk.

I actually could have shaved off more time, but I walked briefly twice after some GIGANTIC hills. Seriously Moore’s Mill golf course – party foul on the hills. The final drive to the finish was also a steep uphill battle. I really almost puked when I crossed the finish line! I also had to be careful on the downhills because it was a bit wet and slippery. I was so afraid of busting my ass.

Since it was a “fun run” they didn’t have race bibs which kinda bummed me out, but the shirt is pretty legit!

Happy Turkey Day 🙂