Travel Hell

I’m home in Alabama after a 14 HOUR travel day, that really was like a 20 hour nightmare day.

I was supposed to fly from New York to Atlanta yesterday afternoon. I got an automated call at 6:45am saying my flight was cancelled. I wouldn’t be able to get to Atlanta until New Years Eve at 4pm. (ummm NO I have NYE plans in Nashville with the boyfriend). I think quickly and ask about flights to Birmingham. I get one with a layover in Miami – a ONE HOUR layover (which makes me anxious). I’m excited, but stressed. The boyfriend is near Birmingham and can get me, but MY CAR is in a parking lot in Atlanta. I made a few options, slightly stressed, but happy to get back.

My mom and I (and Freddie my Pomeranian – I shouldn’t forget him, he kept me sane) leave for the airport at 12:30PM. Actually have little trouble getting through check in, security etc. We are at our and they are about start boarding when they said they have to wait for one of her flight attendedants to get to the gate – her other plane had landed, but she isn’t here. So we wait and wait. for 40 MINUTES. I’m already starting to panic about my connecting flight in Miami. We get on the plane and the pilot says we can make time up in the air so we’ll only be 10-15 minutes late. OK.

So on this flight I’m in good spirits and read one of my books I got for Christmas – Rachel Toor’s Personal Record: A Love Affair With Running. I read the WHOLE book. It was a 3 hour flight and the book was 163 pages. It was great. It had 26.2 chapters and she wrote the chapters to mimic the rhymthm of running a marathon (short bursts, long hauls, emotions, joy etc. This book was just the kick in the ass I needed to get focused and get running after taking 2 weeks to be effin lazy.

So we land in Miami only 10 minutes late and we sit and we sit. Our gate has another plane there. We waited 40 minutes on the runway – I grew more and more stressed as the minutes ticked by. My flight started BOARDING at 7:00 with a 7:30 departure time. We don’t start deplaning until 7:10 and of course I’m in on the last rows since I had gotten on that flight last minute. Freddie and I make a run for it. We’re at gate 17 and we need to get to 60. I weight my options and take the airtrain and then make a Home Alone-esque run for it. 

I missed it. I got to the gate at 7:34. There are no flights to Birmingham until tomorrow. I have a hysterical breakdown. I tell the airline agent I need to get home – altanta, birmingham, columbus, montgomery anywhere and I can get home. I get a 9:30 flight to Atlanta and she gives me a $10 dollar meal voucher. In hindsight it was a good option, but I was still hysterical. Oh and my luggage was still going to Birmingham on tomorrow’s flight. GREAT.

Freddie and I wander looking for a Dunkin Donuts for coffee – it was closed, FAIL. I use my meal voucher on a Nathan’s hotdog meal and share it with Freddie. I go towards my Atlanta gate and see the flight has been delayed until 10:30. I am ON EDGE. I am terrified I am not going to get out tonight. I have an Uncle in North Miami and a friend in South Beach, but I wanted to be home so bad. 

Finally at 10:00 we start boarding. Everyone is on board and we are ready, but our captain says we are waiting for our new co-captain because they took the other co-captain off this flight (and hence the delay). I’m pretty sure this co-captain like came from his HOUSE to come and fly this plane. Whatever, I’m thankful. We take off and finally I feel slightly better. I slept for about half the flight on and off. We land in Atlanta at 12:20 AM (12 hours since I first left for the airport). I worry about sitting on the runway like we did in Miami. Lucky we got to our gate and I headed to go pick up my shuttle to get my car. Well before I got to my car Freddie and I stopped at the fabulous little dog park in the Atlanta Airport and I let him frolic and potty for a bit. We was cooped up for a loooong time. 

So I get to the shuttle, get to my car – I had stress about my car too, but all was good. However It was 1:00 AM and I still have an hour and half to drive home. Thanks for coffee, music, cold air and people to talk to on the phone at this ungodly hour I made it to my house at 2:45AM.

Last night was the best 8 hours of sleep I EVER had. 

Today I’m off to Birmingham to spend the weekend with the boyfriend which includes picking up my luggage at the airport and going to Nashville for NYE.

Happy 2011 to all of you!

Tons on snow + being stuck in my house with my crazy mom = stress eating like whoa.

I HOPEFULLY fly back tomorrow, but I’m just really frustrated that I didn’t get to see or do 90% of the things I wanted to while I was here. It’s already hard being 1000 miles away and not being able to see friends, but when they are less then 100 miles away and I still can’t see them makes me enraged. 

I need detox from my mom, snow and bad eating.

Cabin Fever

After nearly a week at my mom’s I’m getting restless. Is it Wednesday yet?

I’ve come to realize that it’s too freakin cold out here for my “Alabama blood” to run outside and the snow that is falling isn’t helping although it is beautiful, but effin up my plans to see friends.

Also that I’m pretty sure my mom is an elf – it seems her 4 main foodgroups are nearly: candy, candy corn, candy canes and syrup. To be technical hers are: chocolate, cheese, coffee and wine. 

I’m sure I’ve packed on some poundage whilst home, but it’s just making me look forward to being back at MY HOME and back to my routine and drop this holiday weight ASAP. 

Seriously I miss my apartment. I miss my gym. I miss my less cold weather. I miss my routine. I miss my boyfriend.

PS – I wasn’t really on tumblr yesterday so Merry Belated Christmas!!

(A)Live from New York

I have been a waste of life lately.

I both love and loathe not having a schedule. 

I have not run in almost a week.

I did walk 60+ blocks yesterday in NYC.

I’m having major concerns about being marathon ready in March – for a few reasons.

Life is moving both at rapid speed and it’s at a standstill. 

I’m planning on recapping my 2010 this week because it has been a year of fresh starts and new beginnings.

2011 is going to be a BIG YEAR, with even more changes in my life, I’m really scared and really excited at the same time.

I love and miss you all, I wish I had better internet at my mom’s to be catching up with what is going on with all of you. xoxo

The great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do. They’ll also be the things that happen to you. Now, I’m not saying you can’t take action to affect the outcome of your life. You have to take action. And you will! But never forget, that on any day, you could step out the front door, and your whole life could change forever. You see the Universe has a plan kids; and that plan is always in motion. A butterfly flaps its wings, and it starts to rain. It’s a scary thought, but it’s also kind of wonderful. All these little parts of the machine constantly working… Making sure that you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be…exactly when you’re supposed to be there. The right place. At the right time.

Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

I’m Feelin’ Good

I’ve made some great decisions food, drink and exercise wise since my horrid WIW. I even went to a Christmas Party yesterday and ate something before I left to go so I wasn’t starving and made smart decisions. I even managed to avoid the desserts!

Tomorrow is my friends’ wedding and I get to wear my AWESOME ORANGE DRESS. My awesome orange Anne Klein dress that I got like 70% off in August that was a size 14 and got big enough to the point where I took it to the tailor to get it taken in. I picked up the dress yesterday and I must say. I’m gonna be looking good. I also got a sweet mani/pedi yesterday and am getting my hair blown out tomorrow.

Obviously I am so excited for friends and their wedded bliss, but I am also using tomorrow as a way to dress up and celebrate all of my hard work in 2010. Don’t worry I plan on looking good New Years Eve too, but that’s more about ringing in 2011 as opposed to saying goodbye (and THANK YOU) to 2010.

Look forward to pics from the wedding on Monday!

**Editors Note: Yes, W is joining and will meet anywhere between 50-100 friends/coworkers/students that I know. My students are like DYING they are so nosey. I met his coworkers yesterday at his work Christmas party and I was quite the hit!


I am headed to spin class tonight then knocking out 6 miles on the treadmill.

However what I am MOST excited for is that I bought Jillian’s 30 Day Shred – it’s getting shipped to my mom’s house, so I will be able to do something besides just running while I’m gym-less.

Annnd I picked up my dress from the tailor for the wedding this weekend. It looks BANGIN’. I do plan on wearing Spanx under it, but I want to look the best I can look. I’m even getting my hair blown out for the wedding that morning. I want to make sure I FEEL as good as I know I will look!