Getting back on the horse…

The scariest part of taking a few weeks off to get my life together was being terrified of the scale. I wasn’t working out, I wasn’t eating well and I just didn’t feel good. I spent so much of last year feeling good that the scale really never scared me. I was so scared that I gained 10 pounds or 15 pounds – I even felt some days like I gained ALL the weight back and that I undid all my hard work. In the long run these 2 months will be a BUMP in the road.

I feel weaker and slower, but I know that I can and will bounce back. My strength and speed will come back to me and I look forward to pushing myself to new levels of strength and speed this year.

I’m going to plan out a new running routine. I have some miles to make up in my quest for 1000 this year. I need to look into my next race, I do best when I have a goal to focus on. I do know that I am going to run my Race For Hope 5K in DC again in May with the plan to shave 10 minutes off my time last year – which was my first race ever. I’d love to find a 15K in April to train for – I think that’d be a perfect distance right now, we’ll see I may push for another half marathon. I do know that this fall I WILL be running a full marathon – there will be a lot of factors to calculate into which one I will run, but IT IS happening.  I also want to make sure I get to yoga and spin as much as possible – I always love how accomplished I feel after both these classes.

  • Last WIW (1/19/11): 182.4
  • Today: 180.4
  • Lowest Weight (12/1/10): 175.8
  • Overall Difference: +4.6 lbs
  • Weight Lost to Date: 42.2 lbs
  • Left to Lose: 12.4/25.4

I must not forget those 42+ pounds that I lost. I’m not starting from scratch and I’m not going to beat myself up. I got this.

I’m Baaaaaaack

My Mantra:

I don’t care if it hurts. I want to have control. I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul.

Life has throw me a few curveballs lately and my head wasn’t in the right place to work on my body so the past few weeks I have been focused on improving my spiritual health. The boyfriend and I have been going to church the past 3 out of 4 weeks. A co-worker also gave me a daily devotion book that I have found a lot of comfort in. 

Today I finally am ready to focus back on my body. I went to yoga today which was a great way of combining my body with my soul. I also did a mile on the treadmill to ease my body back into things. 

I felt great. I have a renewed dedication and the mindset to get things done. 

Mind. Body. Spirit.

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. For me. And I’m feeling good.

I’ve had a harrowing few weeks, but learned so much about myself and what I want in the process. I’ll be back very soon tumblr. I promise.

WIW – Out of Order Edition

This Week: 182.4

2 Weeks Ago: 179.0

Work is stressful.

Diet/exercise is practically nonexistent.

However my love life is fantastic.

I fell off the wagon in December and it’s been extremely hard for me to get back on. I am such a creature of habit and routine (despite the fact that I tell myself I’m a impulsive free spirit). The start of the semester is always hella crazy and trying to get into a new groove is always challenging.

Plus I have an on campus interview at Columbia University next week which is both stressful and exciting. I have so many emotions about it and it’s not helping me focus and get a routine. If I get the Columbia job (and take it for that matter) I’d need to be there pretty quickly. W is supportive of me moving, but things are still so new between us. Part of the reason I wanted to move back to the Northeast was to start my “life” and find a serious relationship. That’s been my plan for so long. Now here I am in a serious relationship, but I still want a new job and city.

I feel so unsettled and that’s my biggest hurdle in getting my act together. I need to stop trying to wait things out. I need to just handle things day by day. With that being said my gym bag is packed and I’m going to spin class tonight and do some treadmill running too.


January 11, 2010 I started a blogspot weight loss blog that was meant JUST for my eyes. I posted weelky or more for months. I wanted to record this journey.

In Feb or March my real life friend Mr 365 started his tumblr. Around that time TracyTakesOn (formerly operationthinby30 who I followed on her twitter/tumblr based on our mutual David Cook obsession) started hers.

In April I shared my blogger link with them both and posted it on my personal blog. Tracy suggested moving it to tumblr. I poked around tumblr and quickly realized what a special community was here.

In May MeasuringLife life was born and all the rest is history…and history in the making!

Run W Run

For a while now my boyfriend has talked about how he wants to go running with me. He said he used to run a lot with a friend who was military, but he hasn’t in forever. He knew he couldn’t keep up with me so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the track. We could each run as much as we wanted at whatever pace. 

He kept cracking on himself about how he was going to throw up or not be able to move after, which I knew wasn’t true, but I didn’t know what to expect when we got out there. Well I was quite impressed with him. He walked a lap, ran a lap, walked a lap, ran a lap etc for about a total of 2 miles. I do know that in the future he will need some Vaseline or petroleum jelly. He had some chaffing issues haha.

I knocked out 5 miles and I have to admit it was weeeeeird being back on the track. I haven’t ran on the track since May or June. I felt like I was moving so slow, but then I’d look and see I was running at sub 10 min pace. 

I did straight laps the first 3 miles and the last 2 miles I did interval spirits. I want run as fast as I could on the straight aways and walk/jog the curve of the track. W was quite impressed with my running. He knew I was serious, but he didn’t think I was as fast and into as I am. 

I really enjoyed being out on the track with him, we are going to do it more frequently which I’m excited about. Him and I also went to a state park and went on a little nature walk which was fun. He taught me how to skip stones – I had a few successes, but he’s way better. I enjoy being active with him and I hope we continue to do more outdoorsy things – did I mention he took me 4wheeling last week?!?! I even drove it after a while!

This has been floating around facebook this weekend and it makes me want to throw up. 8th grade class photo. I was the fat girl (row of standing girls 5th on from the right is me). Just looking at it makes me want to cry. If it was this time last year I might have cried, but I’ve worked so hard this year and my life is too wonderful right now. It’s interesting to be getting facebook friend requests from these people who I went to school with for 8ish years and havent seen much of since. I’m pleased to say my life is far better and brighter than many of theirs.

Who needs a foam roller…

…when you have a boyfriend!

W thinks it’s so badass that I’m a runner and he wants to be good to my legs and feet and DAMN can that boy give a massage.

No joke. PAINGASMS like whoa.

I actually had a Charley Horse the other night and the next day he massaged my calves, it HURTS SO GOOD.

I have asked him on more than one occasion where the HELL he was in October when I was running two half marathons. Looks like marathon training will be far more pleasurable!

I’ve had many professional massages in my day, but all from women. Well let me tell you a man’s bigger and stronger hands are far superior when it comes to giving a massage.

2011 Goals

I touched on some of these, but I rather have them in list form right here:

  • Run over 1,000 miles in 2011
  • Hit and maintain my UGW of 155
  • Run a marathon
  • Get my finances/debt in order
  • Continue to search for/find a new job in a city closer to home with increased responsibilities and good challenges, while trusting that the timing will work out how it suppposed to
  • Open myself up to love (and the pain that may come with it – see previous goal)