Dig Deep

After all my miles and races I think I’ve only now really impressed myself. Between yesterdays speed intervals and today’s last pre-race run I’m shocked how much I have to give. I ran my (uphill) mile out in 9:02 minutes and my (downhill) mile back in 8:30 minutes. WHAT!?!? While running both miles I was convinced I was slower than those times, but I dug deep and stuck to my guns. I’m seriously in awe of myself. I never thought all 5 foot 9.5 inches and 180.2 pounds of me could bust out with the speed I’ve had lately. 

This was my last run before my 5K this weekend. I’m freaking AMPED. It’s gonna be suicide pace on race day!


So before Christmas Break I bought Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred to do whilst home for the holidays. To update you all it’s still in it’s plastic. 

This weekend is my roadtrip vacation and next week is a prep week at work before the bottom falls out. I’m kidding but not kidding. From May 13-May 25 (excluding weekends) I’ll be working 7:45am-10pm in preparation for 4,000 freshmen and 6,500 parents to come through 1 of 10 orientation session at the University I work at. Then May 26/27th is the first of the 10 sessions which will be 6am-12am/6am-5pm days. 

So with that being said I worry about getting to the gym. I know I’m going to make as much time to run as I can, but I also think I want to embark on SHRED. It’s 30 minutes and I can do it at home (or in the office on my computer I suppose). 

I need to kick the summer off right and I think Shredding and running for the month of May is where it’s at. 

Race For Hope 2011 Playlist

I thought about making my playlist for this weekend like 25 minutes, so I’d really haul ass because I’d run out of music otherwise. I gave myself 34 minutes of music, knowing I’ll start the music before I cross the starting line and I may skip ahead to songs. All these songs either mean something or get my ass MOVING. I’m stoked.

  1. Dream Big – David Cook
  2. East Coast Anthem – Good Charlotte
  3. Sassy – Katarina Graham
  4. All I Do Is Win – DJ Khalid
  5. Lose Yourself – Eminem
  6. When I Get You Alone – Glee/The Warblers
  7. Creep – Axium (David Cook)
  8. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Glee
  9. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

It’s crazy to think how “under-prepared” I was last year for this race (aka my first race). From what I wore, to the speed of the music of my playlist, to being confused by the timing chip, to navigating through the crowd, to making poor food and drink decisions the day before. I was very pleased despite everything how well it went, but this year I plan on making this race my bitch. 

Speed Demon

Today was my last speed training session before my 5K this weekend. I put 4 weeks into speed training and I’m pleased with the results. 

3 weeks ago – top 400m speed was 2:00 minutes (slowest was 2:05 minutes)

2 weeks ago – top 400m speed was 1:59 minutes

1 week ago – top 400m speed was 1:54 minutes

TODAY – top speed was 1:48 minutes

Crazy. I can’t believe I can run a lap at a track in 1 minute and 48 seconds!

Today I ran 4×400 (4 laps) with recovery laps inbetween. My first and last lap were 1:48 and my middle two laps were 1:52.

Bob Greene said it on Oprah: It’s not the 30 minutes of exercise that causes weight loss; it’s the buzz to your metabolism the other 23:5.

@higdonmarathon – I heart following him on twitter


Last Week I didn’t post my weight, but it was a frustrating 182.8

Today: 180.2

I am so sick of the 180s. I keep dancing with the 170s and 180 rudely cuts back in for a sloooooooow dance.

As frustrated as I am, there were years when I PRAYED and YEARNED to be 180 pounds. I’m so thankful to be where I am, but I’d like to break this plateau I’ve been in for 5 months thanks. 

My 2nd Annual Race for Hope 5K is this weekend and I am firmly 20+ pounds lighter for it than I was last year. I remember I was cusping in the GLORIOUS 199s at this time last year.

Running alone will not make the scale move. After this weekend I’m picking back up weight training – HARDCORE, I need to make this plateau my bitch. I want to grind with the 170s and then start flirting with the 160s. HAHA

I Hate Technology

I got my Nike+ ipod sensor last August. It’s been fine, but I have been coveting a Garmin Forerunner. I told myself I wouldn’t get the Garmin until I hit 168 pounds (GW). I’ve been in plateau-ville for 200 years now, but I still want to hold out for my reward.

When I got my Brooks, I bought the Nike+ sensor pouch for it and ran my half marathon with it a few weeks ago no problem. Well in the last 2 weeks my sensor has died. Really it didn’t even last a year? Of course it dies while I’m speed training, but I’ve gotten through it with my ipod’s stopwatch function. 

However Sunday is my Race for Hope 5K which will be the 2nd time I ran this race (which last year was my first ever). I’ve been hoping to smash my time, but I’m worried that without the sensor that my pace will be off, plus I like knowing how far I am. The course last year was marked in kilos and I prefer miles. 

I really don’t want to buy another sensor because I want to upgrade to the Garmin in 10 pounds. So here I am frustrated!