Job Interview = Running Presentation

Life has be la vida loca lately to say the least. 

I had a job interview on Monday where they wanted me to give a 10-15 minute presentation on my Academic Advising Philosophy (which makes sense since it was an Academic Advising job) however I have never been an Academic Advisor before per say and therefore don’t have an exact Philosophy or style. I decided to compare Academic Advising to Coaching a Runner. 

I also decided not to use a powerpoint or technology for my presentation. Mainly because I didn’t have the time to make one and also because I hate standing in the dark with a pp when presenting. However I didn’t JUST want to stand up there. So I brought some “props” to tie into my presentation.

  • Running Book – doing your researching, becoming an expert
  • Whistle/Ipod – motivation and personality
  • Sweatband/Road ID Light – aides to help overcome obstacles
  • Water – refresh, renewal
  • Medal – future oriented, eye on the prize

Clearly I explained how all those notions tied into Academic Advising. I promise you the presentation kicked ass. It was a gamble that I wanted to take and I ended up very pleased with it. I think the folks I presented to also liked it because it also showed them my personality. We shall see, but I will turn to running in times of need from here on out – even when it comes to job interviews!

Say What

I lead a diversity/identity activity today at freshmen orientation and we asked students about their top three “identifiers” – how they view themselves. I usually tell the students mine which are being a female, having lost my dad, and that I’m a runner. This week I decided to have the students try and guess what my three were. I got that I was from New York, I like orange, I’m bubbly. Then one guy (who is on the Auburn Baseball team) says you’re athletic

A D1 athlete referred to ME, ME as athletic!!!

Made my DAY!

Miles from you…

The boy and I have hit a fork in the road of our relationship. The hardest part is that we both still very much love each other, but want very different things in life. It seems that the fork in the road leads to a dead end either way. We’ve had two really rough weekends and are taking a break to try and sort things out. 

Most of my life has been such a mess that I have developed superior coping skills over the years. However in the past I found solace and comfort in eating, these days I’m finding it in running and writing (in my old paper journal more than here).

I may not be writing here much, but I’m reading and running.


Last Week: 186.0

Today: 184.0

Change: -2

Who knew not eating garbage and working out makes you lose weight. KIDDING. I KNEW THAT. I just chose not to do either of those things for a month. Let’s keep this weight rolling back off!