Remember how I opted to get size 12 shorts to wear for work this summer. Well the past month of eating bad had me worried. Well guess what! They fit! I’m so happy about that and I know wearing shorts that FIT (as opposed to big ones) will help me make better food choices. 

I honestly think I gained the few pounds back in my boobs and not my tummy #winning

I was once lost, but now I’m found

I’m alive. and well.  and fat. BUT I’m okay with that.

May was GRUELING with work.  I had little to no control over a lot of things, so instead of half ass dieting (which I know very well doesn’t work) I didn’t diet. In fact I ate A LOT of garbage, especially the last week. It’s summer at work and that means 10,000 people coming for orientation where I need to eat campus catered food for every meal for 2 days. It’s always a struggle every year to see the bad food and THINK about it and wonder what it tastes like until I finally give in and try it. Last week was our first session and I ate EVERYTHING. If I wanted it, I ate it. I hope I satisfied my cravings and curiosities.

Yesterday I started a new. Back on track, back on my diet, back to running. I put in 3 miles at the gym yesterday and they were surprisingly prettier than I anticipated. I wore my new Nike Pegasus from work and I am enjoying them. I’m ready to sweat, work hard and eat well. 


  • Last month: 182.2
  • Today: 186.0
  • Change: +3.8