If this journey has taught me anything, it’s this…

Weight loss really is a LIFE LONG commitment – it doesn’t care how hard or how long you worked in the past. It’s all about the PRESENT. Mileage is the same brand of fickle bitch – if you don’t keep it up it goes away.

I shared this commit in regards to Levi’s recent post, but it’s so true I wanted it to be here for everyone.

6 months until 2012

In 6 short months we will have all just celebrated another New Years Eve and kicked off 2012. I had such a great start to 2011 – mainly because I got to celebrate all of my hard work in 2010. In 2011 the scale has barely moved this first 6 months. I am DETERMINED to work hard and EARN my 2012 celebration. 

Gym today after work and all weekend to get myself focused.