Sips and Spa

A local spa had an event tonight including wine, sweet treats and free services. I won a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage. It was glorious especially after my stressful week. I actually also won a door prize – $100 permanent cosmetic gift certificate, (which I declined…no face tattoos for me).

I feel so relaxed ūüôā

Los Angeles is ON.

When I register (in November due to lack of funds currently) I’m going to join David Cook’s Team. Dave is my hero, it’s so fangirl, but I don’t care. He’s had such an impact on my life.

Being a fan of him as a contestant on Idol kept me sane in the months after my dad died – seeing him on Idol was the only thing I looked forward to at the time. Dave also got me running. I first started running to join him in a Cancer Fundraiser 5K in May 2010.

I think running my first marathon with him and for his cause is only fitting.

100th Run of 2011

I saw on daily mile that my 4 miler yesterday was my 100th run of 2011. Yesterday was also the 271st day of 2011. So I’ve run about 1/3 of the year thus far. I have a few too many hiatuses this year.¬†January,¬†May, and July most notably. I’ve only logged 370 miles so far which is sad considering my goal was 1,000 miles this year. I know I’ll finish out 2011 strong, but I’m still disappointed. ¬†

WIW – Goals Edition

Last Week: 188.4

This Week: 186.8

Change: -1.6

I know over the past few months I’ve had a bunch of new followers and I thought I’d use this post to touch on my weight loss goals. I should mention that this blog first started it focused on weight loss, but I’m much more focused on health, strength and races these days.¬†

However my weight is still an important factor. Many of you know in November 2007 my father died a few days after his gastric bypass surgery (which was unnecessary in my opinion based on his height and weight). In Jan 2010 I was ready to make big changes in my life and was determined to never have my weight become a factor in my death.

At 5’9.5 I need to be ~170 to be considered on the high end of the “healthy” BMI range. I chose 168 as a Goal Weight because I like the idea/sound of 160s and 169 would make me giggle too much.¬†

My Ultimate Goal Weight is 155. It would put me smack dab in the middle of the healthy BMI range with a ~22.

Weight Left to Lose: GW – 18.8/ UGW – 31.8

Total Weight Lost: 35.8

It’s frustrating to see numbers on a scale you know so well. I was in the 180s last year at this time. I got down to 175 at my absolute lowest on this journey. As thrilled as I am to be back on track, it’s hard to get excited about weight I’ve already lost (and should have done a better job keeping off).¬†

I just need to stay focused, be positive, and keep moving forward!

Rage Run

Sorry I’ve been off the grid lately. My sister was visiting this weekend which was fabulous. She even joined me for part of my long run on Saturday. I did 2 miles out and back with her and then went out for another 1.5 out and back for 7 miles total. My sister said I was a good pacer. I rarely run with people, especially a person who i is built similarly to me – so it was interesting to see her as a pseudo mirror of me running.¬†

My rage however comes from this week. I had to report for jury duty. I was somewhat excited for jury duty. I however was not excited that jury selection for a Capital Murder Case was starting this week. Luckily I was able to get removed from that pool due to some work commitments over the next few weeks – although seeing the defendant was scary. I did sit on a jury for another case today, but there was a mistrial due to a number of circumstances. ¬†I am really worried about our judicial system. I’m worried about the defendant’s next trial. I would have found him not guilty based on the point we were at. The mistrial could have be avoided, easily if people weren’t so dumb and made bad decisions. I really worry about being judged by my “peers.” Yes going back and forth to the court house for 2 days was annoying, but you knew about this for MONTHS. So many folks didn’t seem invested in justice, including people working IN the justice system. I’ll stop ranting. I’m back to work tomorrow and my reguarly scheduled life.

However all of my jury rage lead to a fantastic 5K that I ran tonight without my ipod and I shreded. I needed to sweat out my emotions. I also went to spin yesterday and it was one of my better classes. I rocked it and I bet it was due to all the sitting and stewing for jury duty.