Free Half Marathon

I got an e-mail from the Columbus Running Club, I guess from when I registered for my Soldier Half Marathon I got on their list. I was looking through their upcoming races and they have a FREE HALF MARATHON.

It’s a certified and timed course. Getting a shirt is a option (for $). I’m assuming there are no medals since it’s free, but I’ve been hoping to get in a half as a training run in January and this seems too good to pass up!

Cold & Fast

I’m in week 3 of marathon training!!

Today called for 3 miles and I decided to do speedwork at the track with my new running buddy.

I did 2 warm up laps then intervals of speed laps and walking laps. It was COLD, COLD, COLD out. I thought my speed laps were going to be ugly, but I was plesantly surprised. My first one was 1:59.2 and then my second lap was 1:54.8. The next 2 were 1:55ish each. Apparently I can run faster in the cold! I wrapped up with speed running the straight aways and walking the curves of the track for my laps 2 laps

Look at my stat’s from my week at home last week! 

Got all my scheduled training runs in PLUS a 3 mile leisure walk by the beach and tons of other walking as transportation!

I’m still scurrrrred about my WIW tomorrow, but I’m pleased with my mileage.

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Free Flight

I’m at the airport for hour 3 waiting to get on a flight. My original flight was cancelled, but I was able to get on a later one thankfully that should start boarding soon.

Sitting in the airport sucks, especially with a dog (Freddie is a champ), however I got a free round trip ticket for my trouble. Which means I don’t have to worry about finding money for my plane ticket for the LA Marathon. Yay!!!


Being at my mom’s on Long Island and car-less is annoying at times, but I generally make it work. Trains are helpful as is waking.

It’s interesting I’ve been a runner for nearly 2 years, but walking seems so foreign. Remember when we used to walk around in giant herds in junior high and high school before we could drive? I also walked a lot in college and grad school since I lived on campus and rarely had to leave.

Living in both Texas and Alabama the past 4+ years has limited my walking as a means of transportation drastically. So much stuff is far apart and it’s not the culture (obesity rates anyone?).

Clearly when you are in NYC you do a lot of walking which I love. However walking around Long Island is strange. I’m nearly at my destination now – starbucks for coffee and free wifi (to apply for jobs). I enjoyed my mile-ish walk and typing this post at the same time. Have you walked for transportation lately?