Boom! 14 miles! Consider this text your hi-5, handshake and medal.

Post run text from my friend Rachel who I met up with yesterday and was lamenting over how running far outside of a race format would be anticlimactic. Little did I know the sense of accomplishment for a personal distance record still tasted as sweet without all the pomp and circumstance of a race!


14 miles are in the books! I ran by the beach again. Only had 1 pee stop/take off my long sleeve undershirt.

I ran the board walk 2 miles out and back then a parallel side street for 3 miles out and back then finally the boardwalk again out and back. It was 50 degrees and beautiful out – NY weather has been pretty mild since I’ve been here which was a total blessing!

I was feeling really good until mile 12.4 when I tripped and wiped out completely. Thankfully 2 dudes came to my aid to help me up and get my water bottle. My knees got banged up, but I was still able to finish up strong.

14 miles in 2:41:33 which is an average mile of 11:32. What a way to wrap up the year!

Met an old friend from college for lunch in NYC today. She took me to 4Food which is a build your own burger/adventure place. I opted for my burger on a bed of multigrain rice instead of a bun. The receipt had the nutrition facts on for each item. I’ll post another pic of the full receipt since I can’t post 2 from my phone in one post.

My fitness Christmas!

My aunt pulled through and got me all these goodies for Christmas!

Running gloves, 6 pair of dri fit socks, Candace Cameron (aka DJ from Full House)’s book about her physical and spiritual fitness, $25 itunes gift card, Runner’s World book, Ripped in 30 and Prefonatine!!

I’m in love with all these goodies. I’m so thankful that she is supportive of my running!


Today: 184.0

Yuck. I was not in control last week. Especially when it came to sweets. I’ve gotten a grip this week. It just goes to show you that you can’t lose weight on exercise alone. I’ve stuck to my miles and training, but my diet sucked.

Slap yo ass!

I ran 9 miles back at the beach on the boardwalk this afternoon, however it was 20 degrees colder today. I had to slap my own ass every so often whilst running to circulate blood!

I also had to pee under the boardwalk since all the bathrooms were closed early. I’m classy like that.

I need to start primping for Midnight Mass tonight. I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, but Midnight Mass is a who’s who event/high school reunion.

Happy Holidays!

Checking in!

I have been a traveling fool this week. I enjoyed my time in Charlotte and Pennsylvania visiting friends while en route to New York. 

I’ve found time to run while at home and the weather has been lovely which is awesome. I ran 6 miles on the boardwalk yesterday and I plan on doing my 9 miles tomorrow back there too. 

I’m trying to keep my eating under control, but it’s hard. I hate not having a schedule and I hate all the naughty naughty treats my mom has around the house. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

PS – NYC Fitblrs let’s make some firm plans for next week!

12 interesting miles

This was by no means my best run, but it was interesting.

  • I managed to get a sunburn in DECEMBER. Thanks 60+ degree weather in Alabama.
  • I got honked/waved at by a creepy guy whilst running
  • I later got a tumbs up from a less creepy guy at a light whilst crossing the street.
  • My local crossfit place was doing a “Nightmare Before Christmas Throwdown” challenge today and it happened to be on my route so I stopped by for a few minutes and talked to some people. I am definitely going in for a consult in January. Also I was wearing my I <3 Sweat shirt and the hot crossfit dudes were digging it. 

Now I’m dragging my poor feet for a DELUXE PEDICURE 😀