It’s Leap Day. Just like hitting my goal weight, it happens once every four years and only lasts a day.

Saw this on Twitter and it made me giggle. However we’re a community of folks that may take 4 years to hit our goal weight, but we’ll maintain it damnit!


I feel like I could run another 20 miles today. I won’t since today only calls for 5 miles, but I feel like I could.

Obviously Sunday post run I was mildly paralyzed and I was a little sore yesterday morning, but I went to spin class last night and feel FANTASTIC TODAY. 

Minute to Win it

20 miles = 4:01:35

I was hoping to go sub 4, but it was such a great run I don’t care.

12:04 average pace per mile.

The weather was PERFECT. It was 60 degrees and cloudy. My skin had some sweat on it, but I wasn’t sweaty.

I made a killer playlist and ran the whole run with the exception of my GU walking breaks. 

20 freaking miles. It’s unbelievable, but it’s also believable. I worked HARD to get here and it feels amazing to be 3 weeks out from the marathon. 

Los Angeles I can’t wait!

Where’s the love?

Dear Fitblrs,

I’ve wrestled with if I should write this post or not, but I’ve always been honest here and I have to say what’s been on my mind lately.

I haven’t felt much love in the community for me the last few weeks. I started this blog for ME, but over the years I’ve come to rely on this community for love and support. 

This next month I will truly have A LOT OF LIFE TO MEASURE. With my first marathon, a 700 mile move, wrapping up a job, and starting a new one.

I have so many plates spinning in the air it’s overwhelming at times. I come here to vent or brag on myself at times and yet I feel it’s for the most part gone unnoticed. Don’t get me wrong there are a few “regulars” and even some new folks whose love and support have really kept me sane.

I know when I look through my dash I go out of my way to cheer on people who are taking on new challenges or gearing up for something big. 

I’m not asking for everyone to “like” every post of mine, but I personally cherish every interaction I have on here and I hope others do as well. I know my dash can overwhelm me at times, but I think of the story of little boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. 

My message is this. YOU. Yes YOU reading this makes a difference in this tumblr community. Never forget that. Empower yourself to make a difference here.

Lots of Love,