The Rabbit and the Hare

I have 12 miles to run this morning. I put them off yesterday due to the heat and humidity, but today is only slightly better.

I want to get all 12 miles in, but I want to be sure I don’t end up too depleted because I have two dates today (including a 3rd date tonight). I need to keep my pace slower and hydrate.

I’m headed out on the mostly shady Mount Vernon trail, but the two miles there and miles back are going to be scorching and shade free.

Golf Pro

Last night I went on a 2nd date with Josh, my chivalrous guy from Sunday.

We went to this place called Top Golf which is a driving range sorta. It looks like a driving range, but there are targets on the green and there are different games (sort of like darts) that you can play. There also is a bar and restaurant. Thursdays have a sangria special!

I wore my cute bright plaid shorts to hopefully help me channel my inner golfer. I was a pretty terrible golfer, BUT Josh was quite happy to teach me. Like full on got behind me multiple times to help with with my form and swing – I never had a boy teach me a sport before it was like being in a movie.

He also thought I moved my hips too much so a few times he would stand behind me holding my hips so they’d be stable. I was too distracted by his hands on my hips to really make any of those shots do anything substancial. 

Regardless of my less than stellar golf skills it was really fun and Josh is super entertaining.

Despite yesterday being a rest day I burned some major calories:

  • 1.5 hours of golf
  • 10 minute end of date mini-make out session…YUM!

Group Lovin’ (ewww not like that)

I went to Trainer Dan’s group personal training class again last night and partnered up with the same lady. I also met a recent Auburn alum who was in the group and saw a different girl from Alabama who I met last time. Have no fear class is WERKTIME, but I’ve chatted with folks after class the past 2 times. I told Training Dan that he’s going to be my birthday present to myself hahaha, well his classes are going to be!

7 stations* once again – with a few similar activities to Monday (at the bottom), but no repeats. I need to learn all the names, but this is what we did yesterday:

  • Rope pull with 35lb weight attached
  • Rope maneuvering side to side aka giant ropes that we move around like we are mushing a sled – 20 seconds at a time
  • mountain climbers – 30 seconds at a time
  • twists with one arm extended while holding onto to a rope at a 45 degree angle – 10 each side
  • rowing machine – 250 meters
  • planks while pulling a 25lb bag under and across us in plank – 10 each side
  • Crescent medicine ball swings

*Stations are 7 minutes each and since we are in pairs we get “breaks” when our partner is going

Monday’s stations:

  • Squats while holding 18lb kettlebell – 10 each
  • Walking across the gym and back while holding 34 lb bag in arms or on shoulders
  • Rope maneuvering up and down – 20 seconds each
  • Lunges – 10 each leg
  • plank “pull ups” in plank and pull body and legs up – feet are on little slidable disks – 10 each
  • Single arm row/twists using a pulley – 10 each side
  • Kettlebell cleans with 18lb kettlebell – 10 each side


This week: 179.6

Last week: 181.0

Fat %: 25.5*

*Turns out I didn’t set my new scale to female so my old percentages were wrong, which makes sense. 25.5 is much more realistic than 20 for me right now!

Happy to the scale moving in the right direction once again. I am always happy to see 170s, but I will CRY WITH JOY the day I see the 160s. I’ve been flirting with the 170s for TOO DAMN LONG.