being too busy to run because you’re enjoying life is a good problem to have

my roommate


However I miss you all. and I miss being less chunky. and less slow. 

I did go to sunset yoga on a pier by the National Harbor last night with my gentlemen friend


2 weeks ago: 179.8

Today: 181.2

Don’t love it, but I’m battling back against vacation!

I won’t get to control much of my meals with my upcoming camping trip, but hopefully being active with hiking, kayaking and rockclimbing I can burn some calories.

This Week…

Yesterday I went to RPM class for the first time in a few weeks due to vacation and long hours in the office prior to vacation. However yesterday was my last Monday spin class until December since I’m teaching a freshmen seminar class on Monday nights starting in two weeks. 

Speaking of my freshmen seminar class. I am taking my students CAMPING from Sun-Thurs. Have I mentioned that I’ve never been camping. Thankfully it won’t just be 18 students and me. I have my student Peer Advisor and a Trip Leader (who is a firefighter and probably could also fight a bear). I’m excited to kayak, hike, and rock climb, but sleeping on the ground not so much. This Thurs-Fri I am going on a retreat with my trip team and the other trip team who will be at a different camp site. I’m excited to get trained on rock climbing and kayaking. I also got re-certified in CPR and AED a few weeks ago in preparation for this trip

Oh and I saw Trainer Dan yesterday who had texted me right as I pulled into the gym parking lot asking where I’ve been (vacation). I won’t be able to go to any Trainer Dan classes until August 29th and I’ll only be able to do Wednesday classes since my Mondays are booked. However my excuses for missing Trainer Dan this week are valid: 

  • It’s restaurant week in DC and I’m going on Wednesday night for some $30 prix fixe fine dining!
  • Yesterday I had date #5 with Josh – that chivalrous fellow I mentioned a few weeks ago 😉

Run your heart out

Truth: I’m behind on my marathon training.

Today I had 14 miles to despite having not logged more than 4 miles at a time over the past 2 weeks.

I questioned being able to run it physically do to blisters on my feet and shoulders, but mentally I felt strong and focused.

The weather was in the low 80s, BUT overcast and low humidity.

I ran the Mount Vernon trail towards DC (for the first time). Really great views and some nice shade. I ended up running to Reagan airport which is exactly 7 miles from my place.

It wasn’t a fast run. I did half mile running and quarter mile walking intervals.

How I felt good. To quote my old RPM instructor “I had my mind right.” I hope to only propel myself deeper into training. Hopefully the hottest weather is now behind us and that it will be easier to motivate myself to get out the door.

Year in review

Today is my last full day as a 28 year old.

I love taking time to reflect on periods of time – be it a school year, a new year, a birthday etc.

28 was a big year
-trained for and ran my first marathon
-left a job that I loved
-started a new job to advance my career
-relocated my life 700 miles
-got a roommate for the first time in 7 years
-ended my first serious relationship
-got sidelined by a heel/foot injury
-dug myself out of most of my credit card debt
-started a skin care, moisturizer, eye cream regimen
-rocked my Halloween – sugar skull – make up/costume
-met David Cook and got to tell him about how he inspired me to start running
-starting buying mediums and size 12s on the regular
-strengthened old friendships
-added flossing to my daily routine
-truly learned: how hard I can push myself, how much I can overcome and how settling is not an option

Looking forward to 29 and capping off my twenties with a bang!

Live from New York…

It’s my birthday week!

Yesterday after a 179.8 WIW and then CPR/AED certification I made the 5 hour voyage from DC to NY.

Today I had a 3 mile run and good god it’s gross here. The heat and humidity followed me. There were all these air quality warnings on the news today. My first 2 miles were decent, but the last mile was ugly. It’s been nearly an hour since I showered post run and I’m pretty sure I’m still sweating from my run!

I’m currently on the train to NYC for a fitblr dinner with 94monkeys, veggie life and fasterstronger!

Sending birthday love to my fellow Leo runningbeautiful who I won’t get to see this trip!