trembling with excitement

I’m hitting the road to Auburn, AL this afternoon – well with an overnight stop in Charlotte – but Friday around lunch I will be back in God’s country. 

I am so excited I can’t even function. It will nearly be 6 month to the day since I left. I’m so excited to see friends, colleagues, students, eat southern food, go to an Auburn football game, go to my favorite church service, wear all the orange I want (and not be judged) etc.

As much as I miss Auburn I think having it as a place to visit (hopefully at least 1x a year for a football game) is best for me. I long for a lot of things about it, but I know that where I am right now is where I am supposed to be. 

War Eagle!


I’m purging many of the tumblrs I follow.

I don’t have as much time for tumblr anymore and sometimes just the sight of my dashboard is too much. I know I’m at my best when I fully participate in this community, so I’m back, but on a smaller scale. 

Over the shoulder boulder holder

I need a strapless bra – my first one ever.

Pre-weight loss I used to have DDs and never felt confident or secure in a strapless bra.

These days I’m a small D.

I need a strapless bra for a November wedding I’m in due to the dress and don’t even know where to go. 

Suggestions for where to go (I want to try it on, not get one from off line) to get a good strapless bra


Crisp Air

It’s FINALLY fall in Northern Virginia.

I banged out 5 miles in 55:55. 

The humidity and heat killed my pace and endurance all summer, glad to see all is not lost.

Can I get marathon ready in 46 days? If the weather stays like this I feel pretty confident!