Lose Your Guilt

This past Sunday was the final week of the “Biggest Loser” series at the church I’ve been going to. It’s cool that the 4 weeks I’ve been were the 4 weeks of the series. 

As usual – I can relate this sermon to all aspects of my life, including my daily journey to health and fitness. 

The pastor started with a video clip from the movie “The Potential Inside” it is about cycling and racing. It definitely was a cheesy-Christian type movie, yet it intrigued me  enough to track it down on Netflix to add to my queue. Two memorable quotes from the video clip:

  • “I’m not going to kill myself for a medal”
  • On coaching and teammate: “There is so much to learn and unlearn from eachother”

The pastor referred to guilt as the twinge of knowing you crossed the line. However we shouldn’t internalize it forever, don’t let it suck you in. Guilt can eat you alive if you don’t release yourself from a sense of inferiority. He suggested to come face to face with what you feel guilty about. "DON’T LIE TO YOURSELF, WRITE IT OR SAY IT OUT LOUD" (Hence why I keep a food and fitness log and even this tumblr).  

Accept that you did what’s done and either own up to it or seek forgiveness. You should take time to think about, “what did you learn about yourself and to not make the same mistake again.” However he acknowledged that, “It’s human to make mistakes. ADMIT THAT YOU MAKE THEM. Seek forgiveness, learn from it and MOVE ON." 

He pastor mostly linked guilt to "confessing” – which is the key to healing

  • “Need to be released from the guilt that weighs us down”
  • “Don’t let guilt suck the life out of you”

Other quotes

  • “Broken things can be beautiful things”
  • “We don’t have good perspective when it comes to ourselves
  • "Do your best everyday with what you’ve got" 
  • and my personal favorite "LET GO”


2 weeks ago: 188.4

This week: 185.8

Change: -2.6

Dropping LBs like a champ. What I’m really curious on is my measurements – which I plan to do on Friday. I have been weight training 3-4x a week for the first time in my life and I can see/feel the difference. 

Today is my first official training run for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April. My training plan only has me running 3x a week – I want to be sure to keep my weight training up!

Sandwich MacGyver

I MacGyvered the hell out of a sandwich tonight! I only had a hot minute to grab something at home to eat before jumping on the metro to get to my corn hole league tonight.

Without thinking it through I grabbed a Flat Out pita, nuked 3 falafel balls, cut said falafel, spread Greek yogurt on the pita, added onion and garlic powder as well as dill, topped with sprouts, carrots, salt and pepper.

Devoured while speed walking to the metro – it was YUMMY and completely spontaneous. Now I won’t be tempted to order any bar food!