I got to meet 24 hour old Christian yesterday. I nearly cried all over his face while holding him. I’ve never been to a hospital to meet a baby before or even held a brand new baby as an adult before (I think 10 days old was the newest).

I’ve had the pleasure of supervising his Mom for the past 10 months and it was so amazing to see her with him. Plus it was cool that I was with her when her water broke. I’m excited to get to know this little man and watch him grow up!

My Weekend

This weekend was intense for MANY reasons:

  • Friday PM: Dinner and wine with a former friend to try and rebuild a friendship since she just moved to the area
  • Saturday AM: took 45 students on an overnight retreat 2 hours away with my very pregnant coworker.
  • Saturday PM: coworker’s water breaks at 9pm (thankfully her husband was staying in a hotel near by and was able to take her back home)
  • Sunday AM: Continue with student retreat including a high ropes course, head back home, get word that I’m an Auntie –  coworker had the baby (3 weeks early, but he’s perfect). 
  • Sunday PM: Go over to M’s (who I haven’t seen in weeks due to mainly my crazy schedule). He makes us a delicious Paleo dinner of Thai chicken lettuce wraps and cauliflower rice (he printed out recipes from a Paleo website – so adorable). We had a great movie, snuggle, smooch session.
  • Monday AM: get word that work has a delayed opening due to snow. 

Oh and I squeezed in a 4mi run and a 4.5mi run in this weekend.

2 weeks into Paleo and loving it, I’ve found making Paleo choices even when I’m eating out or during the retreat isn’t too hard.