Say HELLO to my first grown up bike! 

I’ve wanted a bike for almost a year now, but I’ve been too overwhelmed by the process and also hesitant due to some of the steep price tags.

A friend of a friend was selling her bike on craiglist so I went to check it out earlier this week. I never really considered buying a used bike because you never know how hard it was really used or how well taken care of it was. She had used the bike for 2 triathlons and only put ~150 miles on it since grad school has kept her too busy to use the bike. I was able to do my research on this bike a 2011 Fuji Absolute 3.0 in addition to all the info she already had. 

The bike is great fit, she’s actually 5’11 so the bike is a goof fit to me as a tall girl as well. The price was also right, actually so much so that my mom is buying it for me as my birthday present! I just need to get a helmet, bike lock, tire pump and add a water holder. 

I figure it’s a good starter bike to get me out on two wheels. If I decide I want to upgrade later I can always sell this one and be more intentional about what I want in a second bike, but I think this is a great starting point for me

I pick this baby up next week. SO EXCITED!

Back at square one

I got back to insanity last night. I almost jumped back into a day 59 of month 2 workout, but I thought after 2 weeks off that could be bad. So instead I did the fit test and it was ROUGH. SO Instead of picking back up at day 50, I’m back at day 1, well today will be day 2. 

To quote Chumbawamba: I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down. 

I’m feeling really inspired and hopeful.

Reconnected with a good source of encouragement last night and did a lot of reflecting. Came into work today to see a gchat I missed on Friday that had a link of inspirational thoughts included these two. 

I feel like things and life are finally starting to make sense again. 

I also faced my fears and got on the scale 186.6 – up 2 pounds, which is fine after nearly a 2 week hiatus from working out. Back at it tonight. 

A Change is Gonna Come…

It’s 3 weeks until my 30th birthday and I’ve finally had ENOUGH of feeling sad and out of control. I want to start off my 3rd decade on the right foot. 

I just finished Dr. Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade” which is about making the most of your twentysomething years – I saw her TED talk in May which inspired me to buy her book. Based on how I spent my twentysomething years I’m ahead of the curve in some aspects and behind the curve on others. I’m taking stock of that all and I would like to start going to therapy again to help me through some of this. I went to therapy in high school and then years later after my dad died, but I haven’t gone since 2008. It’s time, there’s some stuff I need to work through and work on. I want to make the most of my thritysomething years and make the life I want a reality. 

I’m getting back on the insanity bandwagon after falling off while on vacation for 4th of July, despite making to day 50 of the program. I’m tired of not wanting to buy new clothes because I don’t like the size I am, and I’m tired of not feeling comfortable or confident in the clothes I do have. 

I know I can’t make drastic changes in a week, but I can set and goal and make plans to get there. 

I’m implenting some Year 30 resoultions

  • Buy 1 nice piece of clothing every pay period that can be a wardrobe staple (regardless of what size I am, I need to dress me NOW and I can always get things taken in)
  • Buy 1 quality make up product per month
  • Go on at least 1 date a month
  • Dress UP for work 1x a week (despite the fact it’s a rather casual environment, I miss having a reasons to dress up – once the semester starts I plan to dress up on Thursdays which is the day I will be teaching my class)
  • Say yes to at least 1 social engagment a month that I might otherwise opt out of
  • Go to church every Sunday that I can
  • BLOG MORE. I’M ALWAYS MY MOST HEALTHIEST AND HAPPIEST WHEN I’M BLOGGING. I hope to rebuild relationships with all my fellow writers and readers.