Weight Today: 187.0

I have fallen off the wagon since early July. Thankfully I’ve only put on about 4 pounds in that time period, but I feel soft and weak. I’m also 12 lbs heavier than my lowest weight (LA Marathon, March 2012) which really frustrates me.

I need to get back to where I was and remember where I still want to go. 

Despite it being a holiday weekend I have a pretty quiet schedule so I hope to use this weekend to start getting back on track. 

  • I miss being the girl who can run 5 miles without thinking about it.
  • I miss being the girl had amazing will power against sweets and junk.
  • I miss being the girl who didn’t care about her clothes because she felt confident in everything she wore
  • I miss being the girl who could comfortably fit in all the clothes in her closet
  • I miss being the girl that motivated others to be fit and healthy
  • I miss being the girl who was in control on her life 

Best. Date. Ever.

I went on the best date of my life last night with a friend’s friend who just moved to DC. We clicked instantly, he told me repeatedly that I was beautiful, we had so much in common, shared personal stories, and already made plans to hangout again. 

Oh I should mention my date was with gay guy (which I knew), but I’m excited to be best friends with him.

I’ve actually been dating up a storm storm lately – 4 different guys this month, but none of them have made the cut. So it was nice to really connect with someone on so many levels last night, even in a non-romantic sense. 

I’m in the old phase of being young and the young phase of being old.

Ryan O’Connell from Thought Catalog

Can I just tell you – so far 30 has been SO good to me. It’s been a very weird week, but a good weird. I feel like my inner Tyler Durden is finally emerging!