New York State of Miles

Was in NY on a super quick visit this weekend and fit in some stellar runs:

  • Sat: 3.1 miles around my hometown
  • Sun: 9 miles from Queens to Manhattan with a big loop of Central Park
  • Mon: 3.1 miles at my beloved boardwalk* in Long Beach

*The boardwalk was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy and then rest of it was demolished this winter. I was home for the 4th of July, but didn’t see any progress, color me SHOCKED when I drove down to Long Beach to just run on the streets parallel to the ocean and saw HALF the boardwalk finished and open. It was magical!



Down about 2 pounds from last week. In part to stepping up my running/working out, in part to the Shakeology 7 day challenge, but mostly in part to still being floored that a new awesome guy I recently met/ have gone out with lost his dad at the Navy Yard shooting. 

It’s with a heavy heart I share that my friend Chris’s dad, Michael Arnold, was among the victims of the Navy Yard shooting yesterday. Please keep him and the Arnold family in your thoughts and prayers.  

Chris was just showing me pictures and telling me about the plane him and his dad were working on.    This is unimaginable… 


After a terrible day, I went for a run last night even though it was dark out. And while I’m not a fan of running around Battery Park when the sun goes down, (note: never go alone after hours!) I knew a quick run was the only thing that was ease my mind. I felt somewhat better after a 30 minute run and I chatted with one of my best friends on the phone on my walk back to my apartment – laughter is the best cure after a bad day! On my walk back, I noticed tons of people were taking pictures. That’s not unusual for FiDi – a popular tourist area – but at 8pm it was odd.

I looked up and was stunned by the beauty. Something that stands for so much yet it’s so simple and calm. And just like that, there was a simple reminder that my bad day wasn’t so bad after all. My mood changed from stress to peaceful as I stood taking pictures in silence with the rest of FiDi. I say this all the time but in order to really appreciate this life, especially in New York, you have to look up. Never take it – or a single day – for granted.