I spent Sunday spectating the Marine Corps Marathon and let me tell you, it was really amazing to be on the other side of a race. I never had spectated a race before and never really had the motivation to get up that early to cheer, however I had 3 friends doing the 10K and 7 friends doing the marathon. 

I had a sign for my roommate who was doing the 10K and raised over $3,300 for my favorite charity ABC2. I was between mile 3-4 with some ABC2 folks to cheer on the 10K people. It was dizzying to try and spot friends in that whirling crowd! 

After the 10K cleared I got to ~23 of the marathon course to cheer on my friend Tim who was doing the marathon with a hand cycle. It was his first marathon and he KILLED IT. He was doing sub 5 miles and finished in 2:00:51 (and yes he’s slightly pissed that he didn’t do sub 2). It was really inspiring to see the hand cyclists go through. 

I then took the metro to mile 19-20 where I told my friends I would be to cheer. I had Gatorade and a big smile for all my friends. Thank goodness for automated text updates. My friend Sarah (who finished sub 4) was the first to pass. She was working hard and threw gave her handheld water bottle at to me and I gave her a Gatorade while cheering. Then a few minutes behind her comes my friend Mike and his twin brother Will (who finished in 4:02 and fun fact they ran half marathons one in NYC and one in ATL on the same day while training and finished 46 seconds apart – TWIN magic). Mike and Will were across the pack, but came towards me and my Auburn shaker. I was smiling so hard and managed to pass off both Gatorades to Mike. Not too long after my friend Kayla and her cousin Kat (sub finished sub 5) came through and they gave me half running hugs and happily took my Gatorades. 

I was so happy to be a smiling face as they all approached new miles (Yes all of them were FIRST TIME MARATHONERS!!!) and to give them a extra boost of electrolytes. They all later told me how helpful both seeing me and my gatorade were! 

Finally I saw my friend Kevyn who was running her 5th consecutive MCM, but was fighting a foot injury which led to her walking the last chunk of the race. I was able to walk with her a little while and give her some words of encouragement.

It was SO wonderful to see my friends and cheer them on, but I also loved cheering on all the other runners. Many of the slower or sore people really loved my sign. I remember that sign from last year and it really helped me keep things in perspective. Thank goodness for the cowbell or I would have yelled myself hoarse. I stayed out there until all the remaining official participants passed. 5+ hours of cheering was ALMOST as exhausting as running the marathon. It made me sad that I wasn’t running, but I have 2 Ragnars on my horizon and hopefully the Dublin Marathon next October! 

Bottom lime – if you’ve never spectated a marathon – DO IT. It will change you as a runner for the better!

Social Media Runner

I applied to be a Social Media runner for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. 

In my application I wrote: 

I am extremely passionate about social media, especially twitter and tumblr. Social Media helps keep me accountable as a runner and also it’s a way to motivate and be motivated by other active friends.  I ran my first Marathon in 2012 in Los Angeles for the Charity Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. I created a special twitter account for that race @JennMarathon and live tweeted WHILE running the race. I was able to raise more money while tweeting and also get continuous support from my friends and followers during the race. I would be more than ready and willing to live tweet the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this year. I really enjoyed my first Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race last year as new resident to the DMV and I’ve really fallen in love with the running community here and I already tell my current friends and followers all about it so it’d be cool to have a larger reach through being a Social Media Runner. 

Our two selected “Social Runners” must agree to the following:

  • Participate in the November Fall Kickoff (method of participation depends on your location)
  • Make a contribution in an amount of your choosing to Children’s Miracle Network
  • Agree to participate in either the Virtual Training or In-Person PRR Training (fee waived)
  • Appear at the Health and Fitness Expo
  • Attend Saturday Night Sponsor-VIP-Elite Athlete Dinner
  • Run the Race
  • And, most importantly, Tweet, Blog and Facebook with abandon your experiences in the months leading up to the race.

This is so up my alley!!! Wish Me Luck!!


Ragnar was the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding, exhausting, and exhilarating challenge I’ve faced in a very long time. I’m truly living my mantra of “I believe in a sound mind, a sound body, and a spirit that is not afraid.” Ragnar 2014, I’m coming back for seconds!

Veggie Life: How to tell we had a good time this weekend

Veggie Life: How to tell we had a good time this weekend

BeachBody Coach?

I have a call scheduled for tonight with a former coworker to learn more about being a BeachBody coach. I really enjoyed my 7 day shakeology trial and want to incorporate it into my routine. I’ve back to functional training with Dan and I’m hoping to get back into Insanity after I recover from Ragnar (this weekend). 

Pros? Cons? of BeachBody coaching?