Lady Parts Doctor

Just went to my annual visit to my obgyn this afternoon. Had a good chat with the doc about Ragnar and running. He told me to keep up the good work. We talked about my family history of diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer and obesity, but he told me I’m doing all the right things. Gotta love reaffirming conversations with your doctor!


All jokes aside, Shakeology seriously is amazing for your digestive system. Not only will it keep you regular, which believe it or not, is critical for optimal health, but it will help flush out and release those toxins that enter your body daily. Proper digestion can often be the one missing link in a seemingly healthy diet. So I truly mean it when I say that Shakeology is the ………

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Blind Item: Unveiled

So 3 weeks ago I told you guys that I applied to be a Social Media Runner for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. Well I was supposed to hear on Friday 11/8 and I got an email titled: “Social Runner Update: You aren’t out or in (I’ll cut to the chase :))”

Runners –

First, thank you SO MUCH for applying to be 2014 Social Runners.  We had a shorter timeline than usual to review applications plus I was busy starting a new job during those 7 days for application review, and oh by the way we are planning next week’s kickoff. 

All of that is to let you know that I’m really very sorry to not have a definite answer for you today – I hate having to let anyone down or drag this on any longer than necessary. 

The good news, is that those of you receiving this email are on the “short list” and will be up for consideration for SR 2014 with the small SR committee.  We’ll have an answer for you by Monday, November 11.  

If you could please hold off on discussing the shortlist until after the SR’s are announced on Friday at Kickoff I’d greatly appreciate it.  Afterward if you want to mention that you were shortlisted, please feel free to do so! We don’t want to ruin the surprise by narrowing down the pool of runners before the big reveal. 

Because I know I’d be wondering: there are 10 of you in the running for the Virtual Training Runner and 10 in the running for In Person Runner (you selected which you’d be when you applied – we wouldn’t make you do one you didn’t sign up for). There’s not much that you can do campaign-wise this weekend to increase your odds, and most of you have been tweeting the race for a while so I already know a little about you – don’t worry about getting our attention, you already have it. (Obviously your usual CUCB love is still appreciated). 

Finally: please know that if you aren’t this year’s SR I’m always looking out for ways to thank our friendly fans online! If opportunities come up for those “thank you’s” please know that you’re on my permanent mental shortlist 😀

Thanks again for your patience with the SR snag and your kindness to @CUCB online!

Last Monday evening I found out I didn’t get the Social Media Runner spot. The winners (local and virtual) were announced formally this past Friday at the Cherry Blossom Kick-Off Reception. I am for sure bummed, but still honored to have made it so far in the process. I love being so open here on tumblr with all of you, so opening my blog and other social media outlets publicly would have changed things drastically. With all that being said I’m now clear for Ragnar SoCal which is that same weekend. 

6 years

Today is 6 years since I lost my Dad due to complications of gastric bypass surgery. 

6 years is 1/5 of my life thus far. 

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t reach for my phone to call him. SO much has changed in my life and my world these past 6 years. I wish I could share my happiness, success and accomplishments with him. He was always my biggest cheerleader, now he’s my guardian angel. 

I just went back to look over posts from this day since I’ve been on tumblr

  • 2012
  • 2011 (This post has a few links to times when I’ve blogged about him)
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And here are some posts from my throwback blogspot

RDJ 4.25.49 – 11.18.07