The Men Of “Full House” Reunited To Help Jimmy Fallon With His Nightmares

The Men Of “Full House” Reunited To Help Jimmy Fallon With His Nightmares


So a few weeks ago when I signed up for a trial of MealLime I thought it was cool that they sent you grocery lists for everything you need for a week’s worth of meals. They try to make multiple meals using a similar base of ingredients so you aren’t buying 100 different things. So I went to Trader Joes Sunday and bought everything on the list.

Last night I made this. Super easy. Fool proof directions. YUMBO.

The coolest thing I ate was actually mixing greek yogurt with salsa for a salsa cream dipping sauce. UMM, buhbye sour cream, when mixed with salsa you don’t even notice the difference. 

I may look into the paid subscription of MealLime

Simple Pleasures

I didn’t have any substantial plans this weekend, but it was a great one nonetheless:


  • Ran 3 miles after work in the freezing cold icyness (see previous post)
  • Watched this week’s Nashville with my roommate
  • Went to bed early after having a late Thursday at a friend’s fun housewarming in Baltimore


  • Went on my first official THIRFTING adventure with my friend and her cousin. Bought 2 pairs of dress pants, a work shirt, a loungy shirt, a fun tshirt, a purse, and flannel pj pants for under $25
  • Did T25 workout
  • Wrapped up Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD, since I’m on a quest to rewatch the series before the finale on March 31st


  • Got trained on the tech and soundboard at church, it brought me back to my college radio and tv station days
  • Stopped by a few CVS stores to pick up some super discount Sally Hansen Nail Effects (see previous post)
  • Ran 8 miles and felt pretty damn good about it since it’s the furthest I’ve ran since my April half marathon
  • Went to Starbucks to work on my resume and apply for a dreamish job
  • Went to Trader Joes for an awesome and reasonably priced shopping trip
  • Watched Grammy’s on a 90 min delay so I was able to fast forward through commercials (best performance of the night was Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar in my opinion. Trent Reznor/Queens of the Stone Age is a close second, but stupid CBS rudely cut them off).