AM Workout

For the first time in, I don’t even remember when, I woke up early to get a workout in before work.

I did hit snooze this morning, but I did get up and do day 5 of Insanity. I have plans after work today and due to a work event this week I won’t be able to work out tomorrow (which will be my planned rest day from the program). I felt good about getting up and doing it. Even today at work I feel “skinnier” because I worked out.

We’ll see if I do more AM workouts during these 9 weeks of insanity. One factor that may increase the chances of that happening is my new roommate. She is a morning person AND has to be at work early which means she goes to bed early and is usually out of the house by 6am. This may lead to me going to bed early as opposed to being up late with my old night owl roommate (who I love and miss, but some of her bad sleeping, eating, drinking habits did rub off on me). Plus since my new roommate is out the door early that means I won’t feel guilty about working out in the living room in the morning or have to “compete” with her for shower time.

I’ll be curious how my habits change as my new roommate influences me. So far so good with her.

There she is…Miss America. 

Tumblr meet Mallory. 

Mallory was Miss America 2013 and formerly Miss NYC 2012. And even before then she was Miss Alabama Outstanding Teen. 

I don’t “know” Mallory personally, but she grew up in the next town over from where I lived in Alabama. I used to do improv at her mom’s dance studio, I’m facebook friends with her aunt, and I used to supervise her cousin/bestie. I also have a obscure past with the Miss Alabama pageant system (for curious minds, I used to help prep contestants for Miss Auburn University and then help prep our reigning Miss Auburn University for the Miss Alabama pageant for the interview portion of competition. I got to ask them tough questions and then critique their responses. I even attended a Miss Alabama pageant).

ANYWAY. I casually kept up with Mallory when she was Miss NYC and then in the lead up to Miss America and her journey since. Mallory is very active on social media. One thing Mallory has been very open about is her struggles with her weight/body image. You also may have famously heard that Miss America 2014 (who also used to be plus size mind you) allegedly called Mallory “fat as fuck

In the 6 months since she’s given up her crown she’s found herself lost and unhealthy. She just started a new blog about a 60 day cleanse (paleo, no alcohol, learning french, and doing some soul searching) she is doing. 

I encourage you to follow her blog:

You can also find her on Instagram or twitter

Come on NYRR

waiting in my Marathon lottery notification is all I can think about today. I keep checking my bank account, NYRR page and my email. 

When do us slow people find out if we get in? NYRR says they make selections in waves throughout the day, does that reflect any rhyme or reason to their wave groupings. 


Today: 189.6

Last week: 191.6

It is a HUGE relief to be out of the 190s (even if just back there briefly). I vividly remember getting out of the 190s back when I started in journey in 2010. It was SUCH a huge accomplishment and it meant so much to me. Having a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about my body still means so much to me, but it’s something that I must CHOOSE to make a priority every day. 

I was talking with one of my best friends last night who struggles with keeping weight off as well. We were both commiserating about letting 10 pounds creep on over the past few months. It’s hard work to lose weight, especially when you are fighting your genes, body type, and years of bad habits. My friend and I have both been at places where we were really happy and confident about our body and weights, so why did we just let it slip away? For me I was tired. Tired of making time to work out 5 days a week, tired of saying no to indulgences. I was at a great weight and fitness so I got lax and wanted a break. In the journey of weight loss and weight maintenance I know just like my body which needs “rest days” I need to give my diet “rest days” too to avoid burnout. It’s finding that balance that is hard. Weight loss is both mental and physical. I remember my beloved former spin instructor would ALWAYS say during the warm up that we had “get our mind right” – we had to be prepared to work and fight.

My mind is right and my body is ready.