Weekend Funsies

I know it’s only Thursday but I’m excited for the weekend

  • Tonight I’m having a roommate night with my roommate since we haven’t hung out outside of the house yet!
  • Tomorrow night I’m going to the annual Drag Show on campus that features students and professional performing
  • Saturday (day) I’m headed to Baltimore for a Big Event service event with my alumni chapter
  • Saturday (night) I’m drinking and painting with some lovely DC tumblrs – ROLL CALL
  • Sunday (am) I get to go to church for the first time in like a month
  • Sunday (midday) I’m getting a post-race brunch with one of my friends who is in town for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler

Not ready to post my HIMYM thoughts yet, but I will this week. Instead I’ll share pics from the finale watch party I threw that had over 50 DC area fans come out – two ladies even drove in from Baltimore! I had about 10 friends there, but most people said they googled it or heard through the grapevine – it was fun to meet so many fans. A few suited up, wore HIMYM related shirts, or ducky ties. I was even asked to be a ‘shot bet commissioner.”

My favorite line of the night was the bar manager telling me this was the quietest he’s ever heard his bar with this many people in it and it was freaking him out. It was really cool to be with so many fans for it!

Also check out the HIMYM blog I write for: http://beawesomeinstead.com/


Today: 189.4

Last Week: 189.6

I’ll talk a small change – had a retreat this weekend with students that made eating junk easy, but I’m still holding strong on the Insanity train and feeling good about it.

Also I’m still trying to process the HIMYM series finale – lots of big gross tears have been had the past 36 hours