Budget Control

I just downloaded a 34 day trial of YNAB (You Need A Budget) which I’ve had bookmarked for YEARS. However with my teeeny raise taking effect today and my healthcare savings taking effect in July 1. I figure this is as good of a time as ever to GET CONTROL. 

I’m meeting with a TIAA-CREF rep next week to talk about my Alabama retirement money. Making moves. 

This phrase keeps me motivated everyday.

I have the health and the physical ability to run. Some people are too ill, which crosses my mind every year when I run Race for Hope. My heart hurts when I see people with knee braces like a guy yesterday who was struggling to walk – I wonder if it was the result of long term sports injuries/not being good to his knees over the years.

Then I think of my friend Tim who is was paralyzed from the chest down a few years ago in a car accident and he has been FIGHTING to walk again. Yesterday he posted this picture of him in an exoskeleton suit. This man is pure determination and hard work.  

Last night kicked (pun intended) off my summer Kickball league. This was my first time playing in a Kickball league and I wasn’t sure how competitive it would be. It was certainly competitive, but our team who were all new to the league pulled out a WIN. Both my “at bats” were successful, got on base both times and ended up scoring  both times due to power kickers behind me in the line up. I need to be better in the field, but still a solid showing! 

Bonus we play at Gravelly Point Park (went there with my sister recently to watch the planes at Reagan take off and land). Such a fun spot right next to the Potomac with great views. 

Since we were playing in Arlington we all had cars/carpooled and were able to get across town to the after party bar which was also super fun. Looking forward to this season! 

Attention DC Area Runners: Recruiting for RAGNAR

For those of you unfamiliar with RAGNAR it’s a 200 mile relay race with teams of 12 (usually) running around the clock. It’s the best time you’ll have not sleeping and in a stinky van, all for a cool medal and a beer. 

With June right around the corner it’s time to mobilize the DC RAGNAR Team. We can get the early bird price through July 16th, but they are already 70% full, so I’d like to have commitments and money by the end of June at the latest. The time to commit is now. Below you will find the details.  

Here are the Ragnar DC basics:

  • When: Friday, Sept 12- Saturday, Sept 13 (start time will be based on average speed of team – last year we start ~6am)
  • Where: starts in Cumberland, Md and finishes at the National Harbor
  • Race Registration: 12 person team: $115 per runner. 6 person team (to join another 6 person team): $143 per runner
  • Other costs: ~$150 (van rentals, gas, some minimal gear, custom shirts, food/water, hotel) 
  • website here: http://ragnarrelay.com/race/dc

Based on interest we can run as a 12 person team in two vans and run 1 exchange per leg OR we can run as a 6 person team in 1 van and then get linked with another 6 person team so we’re still only doing 1 exchange per leg. I should note that the 6 pack option is a bit more expensive.  I can’t express enough just how awesome Ragnar was. The timing of SoCal didn’t work out for me this past spring and Florida Keys this winter sold out in under 24 hours. DC is in my back yard and I HAVE to run it again. It’s an experience like none other. I know the costs may seem steep, but the reward of this race is unreal. Please feel free to any me any questions. I’m prepared to serve as captain and lead this team starting right now. Once we get the team lined up, we’ll assign legs, but my priority is finalizing the team. If you are COMMITTING –  I want you to message me with your email address and tell me you are committing and you will need to be prepared to send me a check for registration since I have to register the whole team together. I know a few of you have inquired about friends/siblings joining the team. I’m happy anyone! I hope to hear from you soon.

WIW – Healthy Skin Edition

Last week (and the past few weeks): 187.8

Today: 186.2

Change: -1.6 lbs

BOOM! It’s about freaking time. Last few days of Insanity are pushing me in to high gear coupled with triathlon training and abstaining from gluten. 

I also went to the dermatologist (for the first time in about a decade – hello being 30 and getting my affairs together) for a wellness check up. The doctor was sassy, no-nonsense, and a cougar. ALL CLEAR from the doc. She told me I’m doing everything right, keep up with the sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and that it’s better to lead a full and active life in the sun than sit in the house in fear of the sun. AMEN! 

I’m headed back next month to get a small little skin tag removed from behind my knee. It’s something I’ve been self conscious of for years, but I’m sure most people don’t notice. I have some flex spending money to burn through and this is a god use for some of it! 

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday: Insanity and 10 mile bike ride as well as lots of laziness around the house.

Saturday: Insanity, run, trip to Baltimore to celebrate a friends’s birthday, out in Canton Square (got picked up by a guy who came up to me as soon as I walked in the bar). 

Sunday: Baltimore brunch, Os game (and victory), back home for a 3rd date that involved tacos, watching Frozen, and some NOT watching Frozen if you know what I’m saying…

Monday: Insanity, pool, swimming, and an early bedtime. 

I also listened to John Mayer’s XO cover roughly a million times (and counting) all weekend