Weekend Amazingness Recap


  • Actually had a great day at work and left early to start my weekend
  • Met T (new guy I’ve been seeing) at his place and met both of his roommates, one roommates girlfriend, and a boy neighbor. All of them were super cool.
  • We all headed out to Jazz in the Garden which was packed, but lovely. Great people watching, lots of hand holding, and stolen kisses.
  • Had a “girl code” moment with roommate’s girlfriend who grabbed by purse while I was in the bathroom when they group was switching locations. The boys thought we were crazy when we talked about looking out for purses is an unspoken girl code.
  • After Jazz we headed back to their apt and hung out, the group then went to another bar for the night, but T and I stayed back…


  • Somehow after lots of snuggling and very little sleep I was up at 8am to head to southern MD for a swim lesson with my old roommate’s dad
  • driving 65 miles with a smitten hangover is no easy feat. Doing swimming drills for an hour is also hard.
  • I got TONS of great advice and techniques from my friend’s dad. my friend little sister was there to demonstrate techniques as well.
  • I need A LOT OF WORK, but I feel educated and know I have 4 weeks to make a marked improvement. I now know what to what to work on and how to structure my pool time. Goals are good things. 
  • On my drive home while at a gas station, I saw a facebook notification that a wine tasting party I was going to was at 2pm, not 4:30pm like I thought. I was like 30 miles away and not showered. 
  • Let the hostesses know I was going to be late, booked homed, showered, and ran out the door. 
  • Had a blast with the girls and guys at the tasting, but I was so tired that the wine was making me sleeping.
  • Texted with T, who had gone back to sleep until 1pm – jealous!
  • I came home and napped while watching OITNB until I finally put myself to sleep at 11. 


  • Slept like a freaking champion
  • Woke up on my own with enough time to go to church
  • While at church got a text from T wanting to take me to lunch
  • Went to lunch in old town with T and then walked a ton of the Mount Vernon trail towards Mount Vernon reading like every historical marker. We then hung out by the water in Belle Haven park for a long while just taking, laughing, smooching etc
  • When T dropped me off at home (I was nearly late for a dinner date with my roommate because we lost track of time) he already asked to see me this week before my long weekend in NC
  • Had an awesome roommate date for Pho, my first time and I loved it.

I’m going to have T over tomorrow and cook AND have him meet Freddie. T’s pretty freaking great. I’m a smitten kitten, but I’m trying to just let things happen. I’ve let things fizzle out with the other guy I went out with twice. We texted some Wed and Thurs, but I haven’t reached out since then. I’m not really the dating multiple people at once kinda girl anyway, especially since I really like T.


1 month from now I will *hopefully* be an official TRI-ATHLETE!!

I’m headed down to southern Maryland tomorrow to meet my friend’s dad who is a swim coach for some lesson/tips/advice. I’m excited to see what these next 4 weeks of training bring! 

PS – My Darius Rucker (aka Hootie) concert is also in 1 month. I’m looking forward to the shower and power nap between the tri and the show.

I apparently found one of the few men in his 30s who is willing to pick up the phone to firm up plans for a date that he is planning – we’re going to meet up with some of his friends at Jazz in the Garden (aka the exact date I would have planned). Him calling led to us talking, flirting, bantering, and giggling (more me than him) for 45 minutes! #swoon

I’m sitting in my dermatologists office waiting to get called to have a little skin tag behind my knee removed. It’s something I’ve always been self conscious of, especially since I lost weight and started wearing more shorts/dresses. I think maybe 2 people have ever commented on it, but self confidence comes from within and I will be more confident with it gone. It should be quick, but I’m still nervous!!

I had this super yummy beer on tap last night. I’m always a sucker for fruity wheat beer, but this was off the charts. I recommend trying it if you see it!

Peak Pomegranate Wheat is a refreshing, yet intricate ale brewed with locally grown organic wheat, organic coriander and a touch of organic Pomegranate and Acai juice from our friends at Sambazon. Not as sweet as many fruit beers, the Pomegranate Wheat has a soft, round mouthfeel from the local, un-malted wheat. The spice from the coriander and the subtle sweetness from the Pomegranate and Açai are a perfect complement. 

Note: This picture is blatantly ripped from a google image search