I quit

I just quit my gym so I could join a gym with a pool. I haven’t even been to my gym since May maybe??

I’m going to join the campus gym which is more convenient and has a pool. I won’t join the campus gym until this membership lapse next month, plus my apt pool is open until mid-Sept. plus the campus gyms just bought the rights for the Les Mills classes – holler RPM and Bodypump.

I’ll file this under triathlon problems

RAISE the roof

It’s been quite a year – year and a half in my office. Lots of ups and downs:

  • People on maternity leave
  • Bosses leaving after 20 years
  • Me nearly having a nervous breakdown last spring/summer because I was doing 3 people’s jobs
  • Incompetent admin assistants – who FINALLY resigned and had his last day last week

I did get a small merit raise in May (better a year late than never), but a few weeks ago my 2 colleagues and I approached our supervisor about restructuring our org since there is no plans to fill my former boss’s position (because we were able to absorb her work).

So we met for a few weeks and put together a proposal for new titles and raises. It was received well, but for a public institution it needs to go up all kinds of food chains. Well just got word that things are moving and I haven’t seen number yet, but it should be about a 9% raise. 

I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS, AND HAPPENS SOON! I’ve worked so damn hard, and it would be so nice to live more comfortably and more importantly be recognized for the work I’ve been doing!

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that this happens in the next few weeks!