If you measure it, you will manage it.

Tom Rath

I had the opportunity to hear StrengthFinder author, Tom Rath, speak yesterday at my campus and I was part of a small group that had dinner with him after.

Tom does a lot of research for Gallup and his grandfather co-created the StrengthFinder assessment. Tom’s work mostly revolves around positive psychology and well being.

His new book is called “Eat, Move, Sleep” and talks about how small choices can lead to big changes. http://www.eatmovesleep.org/

During dinner Tom talked a bit about the surge of fitness trackers and how he thinks it’s a good thing. He said the quote above and it REALLY struck me. I mean hello my mantra for the past 4 years has been “measuring life.”

When weigh in, track my workouts, blog, etc I am always better off. Yesterday was a great reminder and motivator. 


Hi Friends!

I’m back at work after a wonderous loooong weekend which I hope to write about soon. BUT I wanted to mention that on our drive back from CT to DC yesterday I took T into NYC for an impromptu super mini 4 hour NYC tour. My personal favorite part of the tour – 

driving along the MARATHON ROUTE!

I was super excited to see the banners up as we drove through Harlem and to Central Park. We didn’t make it to the finish line/grandstand area, but still pretty awesome.  


Practically the past month I’ve been holding stead at 188, today I was 186.6. I’m halfway through my 3 day Dr. Oz cleanse and feel pretty great. Here’s hoping that confident will balance out a number I don’t love.