Friday 5ive

  1. At 3:30pm I get to put up an out of office reply that I’m drafting as “Deuces bitches out I’m of the office until December" 
  2. My sister is coming down to DC for the weekend since she won’t be home while I’m on Long Island next week.
  3. I’m introducing sister to boyfriend this weekend and he is taking us skeet shooting. I hope no one has to go to the hospital.
  4. I kicked ass on my to-do list and feel hella productive at work this week.
  5. Freddie is in the office with me today (as pictures earlier) which is always a win. 

Bonus: who else remembers the 90s boy band 5ive of "Baby when the lights go out..” or “Can I get your number baby (hit me with your seven digits)” fame?

$1,000,000 for Brain Cancer Research! | David Cook ‘s Fundraiser on CrowdRise

$1,000,000 for Brain Cancer Research! | David Cook ‘s Fundraiser on CrowdRise

Dear fellow Northern Virginians,

RUN, don’t walk to Plaka’s Grill in Vienna and eat a Gyro “Plaka Style” (with fries inside).

The concert T and I went to last night was in Vienna and I went to yelp to see what restaurants we could eat at before. Plaka Grill has 4.5 stars and 600 reviews, so I was sold.

And HOT DAMN this food was delicious. Super casual family owned joint and I insist if you can make it to Vienna to go eat there. 

You’re welcome.