This weekend will be my 6th year running Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure’s Race For Hope DC 5K.

My running “Idol” David Cook ran in 2009 for his brother (who ended up passing away the night before the race that year, but David ran anyway). In 2009 I donated and told myself I was going to train to run it myself in 2010. 

January 2010, I started running and getting health. I ran in 2010, PRed in 2011 and have been back every year since. 

  • 2010 – I went to PA to visit my friend Kelly and we came down to DC to run together
  • 2011 – I ran solo, but had a bunch of friends come to DC to support me
  • 2012 – I was a new VA/DC resident and ran with my friend Sarah who came to visit
  • 2013 -My sister ran it with me
  • 2014 – I ran solo, but found David Cook on the course and captured an epic running selfie with him
  • 2015 – My boyfriend, T, will be joining me this year. I pretty sure he is going to beat me (damn natural athletic ability) based off our run yesterday, but I’m excited to be with him for his first official race ever (especially since it was my first official race ever) 

+/- of the Week

-T has been out of town for work all week

+he gets back this afternoon

+I’ve been able to/made time to work out and eat well all week

-valve behind toilet started leaking Monday

+managed the leak with plastic wrap and emptying a large bowl until maintenance could come yesterday morning

-8am yesterday: value breaks off in maintenance man’s hand and water geysers

+get the water shut off and the flood under control and using every towel in my apartment, including beach towels to soak up water

-maintenance man goes to get parts and my idiot upstairs neighbors decides in those 15 minutes he’s gone to take a shower/came down to the basement and apparently turned the water back on

-by myself trying my best to keep the water spewing from the broke value/pipe under control. 

+maintenance man comes back and shuts the water off

-start using tshirts to soak up water since I’m out of towels

+get everything fixed and sopped up. Maintenance man brings a pro grade fan to dry the carpet that has some minor water overflow

+Maintenance man and I wring out all the soaked towels/shirts and leave in the tub for me to deal with afterwork

-Come home from work to do a shit ton a laundry, start 2 loads of towels/tshirts to come back and find the water for the washers was still off and I wasted $$ and time. 

-drag wet/detergent covered loads to building next door’s laundry room. Only one washer is working. Spend the next 4 hours and $20 doing laundry

Moral of the story: days like yesterday really make me miss my dad. Tomorrow would have been his 66th birthday, but it’s been almost 8 years since he’s passed. Even if my dad would have been alive he couldn’t have physically helped since he prob wouldn’t be living near me, however just talking to him always calmed me down and make me feel less upset. I was able to talk to T and that helped some. I told T about how all of the chaos of the day really made me miss my dad and how I could call him anytime. T sweetly reminded me that he’s always there for me to call. I still miss my Dad terribly, but T was very sweet and comforting.