Talk about a reality check. 

I regularly charted my weight at the beginning of my weight loss/fitness journey in January 2010. I had to search my tumblr to find the site where I even charted my weight ( and luckily accessed my account (username/password on the first try – BOOM). 

My last entry was 7/4/12 – I weighed 177.2 

I just went through my tumblr since then and added every weigh in I posted. 

This is the result. 

I have a lot of work to do. I hope you are here to cheer me on! 

I’m feeling good

Physically, emotionally, mentally.  

I started back on shakeology today thanks to a black market bag from a coach friend. I need to tighten up and a nutritious shake for breakfast is an easy way to start. 

However I did forget how quickly Shakeology “moves through your system.” I pretty much ran to the bathroom as soon as I got to the office! 

Run 5/71 went well yesterday. Went to my Joggers and Lagers group for the first time since early May. The motivation of other runners around helped me keep my speed up – averaged an 11:32/mi. 

I also decided to do my long run at the beach this weekend. If I’m going to be sweaty anyway and have a bunch of crap to drag to the beach, might as well start my beach time with a run on the boardwalk and then lay out and play in the water to recover! 

Partner Yoga

My employer sponsors lunch time yoga 2x which I go to as often as my schedule allows. I am making extra effort to go at least 1x week during marathon training. 

Today for most of the class we did partner yoga. I’ve never done it before, but loved it. I ended up being paired with a lady who was 5 inches shorter than me, but still great. Stretches, balance poses, getting to go deeper in poses. Good stuff. 

Week 1 in review

Marathon training kicked off last week. I got my 4 scheduled runs in, plus a yoga class, and a shit ton of walking at Busch Gardens. 

I’m slowly re-finding my groove. I may be slow, average just under a 13 min/mi pace with walk breaks. I’m using the run 2-3 songs, walk 1 song strategy to build up endurance as well as acclimate again to the weather.

I have a lot of out of town weekend plans this summer, but I’m making plans to carve out “long run” time.

I talked with T over the weekend about how I need him to support me and my training. How I only want to drink 1x week and how I need to get my training runs in #noexcuses. So far so good – see yesterday’s post about him buying groceries and prepping breakfast while I was on my run, followed by a foot massage. 


Yesterday I ran (2/71) at 8pm again to get in my 3 training miles. I was extra motivated by all the tumblr love you showed me yesterday, THANK YOU! 

This morning I was supposed to get blood work to keep my low health insurance premium, so I fasted – which always makes me cranky. Get to the lab clinic and find out first I don’t have the right paperwork (false). I called my HR department a month ago to verify what I needed to do/bring since I had such a headache last year. I call HR and are told a bunch of noise. I plead with the receptionist who calls someone else at my HR dept who apparently HAS a brain. I find out since I got blood work last year I don’t need to do it again AND that the process I did last year isn’t even the same process for this year. WTF I CALLED ABOUT THIS IN MAY! So even though I fasted and wasted an hour, the good news is I didn’t have to have any blood taken and I get to keep my premium. 

Today is run 3/71 – another 3 miles. Then I’m heading to Williamsburg VA to go to Busch Gardens tomorrow (we’ll see if mother nature lets that happen). 

WIW – Reality Check

Today: 204.6

It hurt my soul to see a 2 this morning. I’m not shocked since the last time I weighed myself a few weeks ago I was like literally 199.9 and I haven’t felt comfortable in my skin (or clothes) lately. 

I could lament about how I made a conscious decision to let the weight creep on the past 6-8 months, but why harp on the past. 

I have my marathon training plan in motion. For me running is only part of the training, it’s also nutrition and tumblr. I need to be in the space and holding myself accountable. 

  • Run 2/71 is today
  • I recommitted to protein shakes for breakfast
  • I plan to try to make my summer lunches jar salads and ½ of a sweet potato. 
  • I will make a strong effort to limit myself to drinking 1x a week
  • I’m back on the tumblr scene – looking for new people to follow, send some my way!

So here I am 204.6, but  4 months from now as I embark on my 3rd marathon, I hope to get down to the low 170s or 180s again. It will just be more pounds that I dropped to get me where I know I can be.