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The Difference Four Years Can Make

Four years ago, I was finishing up an internship in Mobile, AL with MiLB.  I was getting ready to move from Mobile to Norman, OK.  I was about to start an MBA program with a group of strangers that I would spend almost every waking moment of the next 16 month with. That’s four years ago on the left.

I was thinking about all that’s happened to me in the last four years.  So much life in the space between those pictures.  In the last four years, I…

– moved to NYC twice and left NYC twice…something I never thought I’d do

– moved back to Auburn without a job, got a job, got another job, and now have a job that doesn’t feel like work every single day.

– ran eleven 10Ks, seven half marathons, two 15Ks, 2 10-Milers, a handful of 5Ks, ONE MARATHON.  And I’m training for #2. (All of this has actually happened since May 2013, so two years, but still)


I think I’ve also managed to find some confidence along the way and I’ve maybe gotten over some of my body image issues.  I did something this morning on my run that I wouldn’t have done 6 months ago, much less 4 years ago.  I got so hot on my my humid run that I took my tank off and finished in just my shorts and sports bra.  So I’m going to take today and be proud of how far I’ve come.  Tomorrow I’ll decide where I want to go from here!

This is MY GURL! So proud of this one. 

From one of my former student to a trusted friend. 

Dieting Don’ts

Don’t get so drunk at your bestie’s bachelorette that you:

  • black out
  • puke that night
  • puke repeatedly the next morning
  • puke in the street on the way to brunch
  • not eat most of your brunch and take it to go
  • later eat your cold eggs with your fingers
  • spend the afternoon in the city with your sister because you chose a later bus because you PREDICTED THE HANGOVER
  • buy a “Moroccan” pita at a deli – eat it on the bus at about the halfway point 
  • Puke said pita in the bus bathroom with 10 minutes left to go of a 5 hour bus ride
  • roll into work late today, still smelling a slight whiff of pita puke despite a shower and multiple teeth brushings 

For the record I’ll be 32 next week ladies and gents #adulting