15 miles done son

Sooooo glad I took today off to get these miles in. I loved the W&OD trail, lots of restrooms, and I counted 5 water fountains (some even with signage). The weather really cooperated, it was overcast 99% of the run. The trail winds a bit and crisscrosses with other trails, but the signage again was good and when in doubt follow the bikers!

Ran my 13.1 in 2:59:33 (yay sub 3)

Ran 15 in 3:34:34 (I walked the last mile since there are some major inclines as well as traffic).

Hot damn that was run 40/71

Move update

Friday afternoon was the actually move, it went fairly smooth overall

Saturday was a shit ton of old apartment cleaning – it was literally an all day affair, came to the new place to shower and collapse in bed

Today was supposed to be my long run, but I was too exhausted and wanted to settle in/run errands

Tomorrow I was supposed to work until 2:30 then go to the old place for a final walk through, instead I’m calling out. I need to get my 15 mile training run in and I need to do a few last things at my old place before I hand over the keys

Keeping my eye on the prize. Despite still running slower then I’d like to be, being fatter then I’d like to be, and more injured (plantar fasciitis) then I’d like to be, I think I have a real shot at my sub 5 marathon goal. 

LA 2012 was a great race, I was on target until mile ~22 (hitting the wall) and finished in 5:04:29, it still was a pretty perfect race day and I have no regrets. 

MCM 2012 I was undertrained and running with my sister who I had to emotionally drag across the the finish line. We finished holding hands in 5:27:12.

Sub 5 Dublin, I’m coming for you!!