Tech Revolt

All of my running technology is on the fritz.

My 2 year old Fitbit isn’t holding a charge for long/having trouble charging.

My decade old iPod mini (with click wheel) is acting up after yesterday’s wet run and I half broke the armband case trying to get it out due to said hiccup.

My “new” Garmin (it’s an older model, but was new when I got it for Christmas) is also losing its charge quickly. I’m positive it’s not going to hold a charge through my 20 miler and I’m anxious about the marathon (already debating running the first 5 miles without turning it on).

Do I need to invest in new tech, yes. But these need to get me through the next 3.5 weeks. I can’t change shit up this late in the game and all my extra monies are going toward Ireland funsies.

Regardless I feel like I’m on the brink of a marathon meltdown (which isn’t totally surprising)…

Eff you Joaquin

Seriously why is there a tropical storm screwing up all my running plans at the absolute peak of my training?!

Rain. Wind. Humidity. 

My running shoes were still SOPPING wet this morning after last night’s run. I have a 5 miler and a 10 miler to do this week before this weekend’s 20. 


today: 197.4

2 weeks ago: 195.4

I definitely indulged while I was out of town, back to the grind. I also have a new battery in my scale so at least that’s a win at least. 


Ran 5 miles in pouring rain and gross humidity. I had to change routes because the stream I usually cross over was flooded. These were hard miles mentally, but physically I felt pretty good. I need to get these hard runs in, especially with less than 4 weeks until the marathon. And the fact that I’m staring down 20 miles this weekend.

Everything about my trip to Maine was wonderful. 

Thursday: Got a run in before flying into Boston. T & I got picked up by the Father of the Bride who drove us to Maine. Wow, York Beach, ME is gorgeous. Her dad gave us quite the tour. Beers, dinner, hanging out with the Bride and Groom to be before everyone else rolled into town.

Friday: Up hella early for 14 chilly, but beautiful ocean side miles. Saw the groom to be and MOB while out. Then it was time to meet up with the Bridal party for mani/pedis (my feet were thankful). I got OPI’s French Quarter for your thoughts as my nail color (gray) and I’m obsessed. Then it was rehearsal time, followed by the rehearsal dinner, and welcome party. It was great to see so many old friends! 

Saturday: WEDDING DAY! All the bridesmaids spent the night with the Bride to be at her family’s cottage. We had the beauty squad come to the house for hair and makeup (well I did my own makeup). Lots of mimosas, music, and laughs. What a stunning bride – I’m obsessed with her dress. Beautiful wedding from start to finish. The Bridesmaids and Bride got to ride a rented trolley to the ceremony and then the whole Bridal party took the trolley to various places for pictures. Shame on me for not really taking any, can’t wait to see the professional ones! The reception was a HUGE dance party, even T and I danced because almost every single person was out there, so we got some liquid courage and joined in!

Sunday: Bagels by the beach to wish the Bride and Groom well before their 2 week honeymoon in Greece. I can’t believe one of my best friends is married, I remember almost 5 years ago when she told me she thought he was “the one.” T and I got a ride down to Boston for 24 hours of fun. We checked out historic sites, lots of strolling by the water, went to the Boston Marathon finish line, Fenway Park, Boston Commons. Ate yummy Italian in the North End, I of course got chicken, broccoli, ziti.  

Monday: We actually slept in, we needed it. I did have to forfeit my planned MA miles, but we had walked over 11 miles on Sunday. Went to Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall, visited more historic stuff like the Boston Tea Party ships and Museum (T really wanted to do it). We got a late lunch at the Parish Cafe (one of my favorites) and then it was off to the airport. 

me: i need to run
me: but i don’t want to run
me: i’ll feel great if i run
me: but i’m really comfortable right now
me: i should run
me: i could run extra far tomorrow
me: but running
me: rest days are important treat yoself
me: …
me: …
me: i need to run
Relevant, especially being less than a month out from my marathon. This is my last big training week…