Friday Five

1. I have so many Libras in my life – this weekend T and I are headed to Baltimore to celebrate two of my long time friends’ birthdays. We are also going to T’s family’s house to celebrate T and his mom’s birthday which was the day before his. 

2. Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. She and I have never been close, but I had originally planned to go to NY for her birthday. However she decided to make other plans and said coming at Thanksgiving is good enough. I can never win with her and I don’t know why I keep trying.  

3. T started his 12K training this week. That jerk has run his first two 2 mile training runs in ~17 minutes. I wish I could just be fast. My fast was a 9:40 mile a few years back, now my fast is an 11:30 mile, but I’ll stop comparing. 

4. Tomorrow is my last double digit run before Dublin, how freaking crazy is that. Training calls for 12, but I’m going to do 13.1 (I missed my 10 miler last week due to rain/stress), plus I always prefer a “round” number like 13.1, well round in race terms! 

5. I’m looking forward to my lunch date today with a colleague I met through the University twitter account! She was tweeting on behalf of the University in August (they have a new person from campus tweet each week) as she sent off her first kid to college at Auburn! That first bonded us, but she is also a runner training for Marine Corps Marathon. We’re going to the all you can eat dining hall so watch out! 

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    Getty) Get Arsenal FC updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank
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