I’m thankful that the semester is winding down so I can go to yoga more frequently at work. I went last Monday after a month long hiatus and our instructor gave us a preview that today we would be doing twists.

It was a great class today, I felt so connected to my body. I’m not usually one who has a still mind, but yoga can usually focus me. If you’ve never tried a yoga class I strongly suggest it – perhaps a new years resolution? 

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since 2003-2004 when I signed up for a yoga PE class in college – taught by Michael Bolton’s ex wife (fun fact).


My earring board is finally done!

I bought the framed board in October (thanks Marshalls) and planned to do black or silver push pins, but the push pins weren’t holding all the earring right. So I went on a search for hooked push pins and found two different types. I ordered both and decided that these Crazy Tackz were the best bet. I ordered a bunch and finally had time to get them all organized over Thanksgiving.

My precious system for YEARS were organizing my earring by type and color in ice cube trays in my top dresser drawer, but I ditched my dressers when I moved so I needed a new option.

I was inspired by a friend of mine who hung her necklaces on a button board that she glued buttons on the board’s border and glued buttons to the end of push pins.


In no particular order…

  • Safe travels and trip to Ireland especially in light of all the recent terrorism
  • The ability to train and complete my 3rd marathon
  • Wonderful friendships with beautiful people near and far
  • My main man pup Freddie
  • Finally have a steady grip on my finances and nearly being debt free. My car will be paid off in March and schools loans in 2018
  • T for being my soulmate and loving the aspects of me that I even have trouble loving sometimes
  • Elvis Duran Morning Show – my commute would be horrible without it

This is the photo from Thanksgiving eve 6 years ago that led to me changing it all. 

I remember I didn’t even have jeans that fit, so I wore stretchy work pants. 

It took this picture for me to realize how big I had gotten. I had just lost my dad 2 years earlier due to weight issues. I needed to make a life change. 

I was down nearly 50 lbs a year later. My weight still fluctuates, but the lifestyle is on track for a long happy life. 

I need a change

New job is top of the list, I’m turning up my search game. 

Renewed commitment to friends that I haven’t seen or talked to much lately (marathon training owning most of my fall is partly to blame and being in snuggle mode with T is also a culprit). 

New clothes – or new to me clothes, hello Good Will – I’m beyond bored with everything I own. 

I’m debating rejoining a Golds Gym. I need more non-running fitness in my life.

The world lost a great man 8 years ago today. My world especially got a lot dimmer and for sure a lot less funny. I miss my Daddy every single day. 

He was 58, I was 24, and my sister was not quite 22. None of us were ready for him to be gone forever. My sister and I had already lost him once in 1998 when my parents separated and he moved out. 

He passed away in 2007, on a Sunday morning, 3 days after gastric bypass surgery. He was still in the hospital and he essentially bled out internally. A blood transfusion and proper care could have saved his life. 

I was 2.5 hours away in North Texas not having been fully informed of his post-op complications. I had just seen him for the day the prior Sunday for a visit and was scheduled to come down to Dallas Tuesday (2 days after he died) for the night before flying to NY for Thanksgiving. 

Everything about that day and the weeks and months that followed, including a failed wrongful death lawsuit due to the Texas good old boys club, was a nightmare. I sometimes wish I could “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” much of it. 

I couldn’t have his death be in vain. So in 2010 I started running, I took charge of my health. I started fundraising for ABC2 since most people who have lost loved ones find solace in charity work and there wasn’t a community for my loss out there. So I adopted David Cook’s charity of choice since watching American Idol during those dark months that followed helped me get through each week. 

My story is a complicated one on many levels. It’s a lot to bear – especially around the Holidays. Family drama and a mother that I have a terrible relationship with make things extra hard. My mother is currently not speaking to me for no reason at all – she left me 2 crazy voicemails including uninviting me home for Thanksgiving. Which is fine because it’s a chore to go anyway out of obligation, but somehow I will be at fault. There is no winning with her ever, my Dad was one of the few who really understand that, I miss having him on my team. 


Last week: 193.4

This week: 197.0

Change: I gained. The 197 was flashing 195s and 196s, but for accountability sake I went with the highest one I saw.

I ran this morning for the first time since Saturday and thanks to the recent Ragnar debacle T and I are looking at March half marathons – having a training buddy will be nice and maybe speed me up again.