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  1. Globally, Spotify is still far ahead of Apple. As of December last year, Spotify said that there are 207 million active users worldwide, of which 96 million are paid users, or subscribers during the trial period, and the remaining Spotify active users have chosen a free advertising version of the service.

  2. New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman said he didn’t fall in love with any quarterbacks in last year’s draft class, so he passed. He took Saquon Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick.

  3. n paper, Joe Biden has about as many advantages as a presidential candidate could want. A former vice president, he has national name recognition, a strong connection to a popular former president, longstanding ties to major donors, good relations with Republican lawmakers and the top spot in most recent polls.

  4. “It’s not fair,” Jackson discussed the footage with KTRK. “She did not deserve that. She kept saying ‘Stop.’ She didn’t even want to fight, but they kept going.”

  5. Nouman Raja,Jordan 41,Jordan was fired from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department shortly after he killed Corey Jones,Jordan 31,Jordan while on plainclothes duty,Jordan and was convicted last month by a jury of manslaughter and first-degree murder.

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