Weigh In

Today: 195.4

Previous Weigh In (12/16): 198.8

First 2015 Weigh In (1/5): 195.4

Highest 2015 Weigh In (6/24):204.6

Lowest 2015 Weigh In (11/11): 193.4

I’m happy to be ending 2015 at least where I started. In part to my 3 day Dr Oz Cleanse and in part to using my time off work to kick things up in the fitness dept. I had some ups and downs, especially my lack of exercise prior to marathon training since I knew what an undertaking it would be. In 2016 I plan to cross train a lot more, run short racers, and I always have my eye on an oly sprint triathlon! Happy New Year to all!

Not bad 2015, not bad at all. I have a 5k tomorrow to close out December fully. (Thanks @veggielife for the template).

I worked out 182 days in 2015 aka 50% of the days in a year!

Now that I rejoined the gym this will help track my classes. I think I’m going to color code for 2016!

Also I just showered with my new Fitbit ChargeHR on. It only took 3 days for me to forget. Damn Flex life I had for 2 years. I now need to put a post it note on my shower door.


Doing the Dr Oz 3 day smoothie cleanse. I do it 1-2x a year for a refresh or to feel good right before a big event. I needed to time it right so I won’t have an empty stomach going into NYE night! I also re-joined Golds Gym yesterday. In the 2 months since the Dublin Marathon I was far less motivated. I need more than running. There is a Golds .46 miles from my new place and I’ve always been happy with their classes and service – location is why I cancelled 1.5 years ago. So I’m back and went to bodypump yesterday. The plan is to run 3 days a week as part of a March half training (mostly likely Shamrock in VA Beach) and cross train 2-3x a week. I also am restarting shakeology again as of Monday ¼. No day, but today.

2015 Highlights

Last year I wrote a 2014 Highlights post so here is one for 2015!

January: T and I exchanged I Love Yous for the first time

February: T took me to a David Cook concert for Valentine’s Day because I had to miss the one I was supposed to go to the week before

March: Kicked off running in the mornings on a semi-regular basis which (spoiler alert – became very regular)

April: Started my love affairs with Mason Jar salads

May: Ran my 6th Race for Hope DC with T (his first race ever)

June: Registered for the Dublin Marathon and kicked off training

July: Bestie’s Bachelorette Party in NYC

August: My Birthday Celebrations! 

September: Bestie’s wedding weekend in Maine/Boston

October: Dublin Marathon and Ireland Travels

November: Tim training for and running his first 12K

December: TBD, but the front runner is NYC weekend for my sister’s 30th (which I apparently didn’t blog about..weird) 


Today: 198.8

Last week: 196.2

#Alcohol. Sweets. Holidays. No Will Power. 

I’m going to an OrangeTheory class for a free trial class on Sunday with my friend C and I’m ordering a bag of Shakeology to kick off the year. 

If I like OrangeTheory I’m going to buy a month of classes – I need something new. 

I know @staff has damaged our community by taking away replies, but I miss any interaction with you all. I feel like lots of people have been quiet both in posting and communicating/responding/liking. To keep to the Titanic theme, I will quote Rose: “Come back, come back….” ::looks for whistle::

Orangetheory Fitness

One of my besties went to an Orangetheory class last week and signed up for an 8 class package for $89. 

She described it as a crossfit style environment, but with TRX, treadmills, and fitness class moves. 

A friend of mine’s wife is a trainer for them in CO, but I don’t know much otherwise. 

There’s a studio/gym near me, plan to check it out. Anyone have thoughts? 

Seasons of My Life: December

I’ve always been a very reflective person. I’ve journaled since 1997, blogged on and off since 2006, and I’ve been an active social media user (which makes time-hop all the more fun). 

Not to get all religious on people but I’ve always been a fan of the quote “To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven.” 

Here’s a glimpse at my recollection of where I was in December of each year. 

2014-2015: Mature girlfriend. Lots of fresh balsam candles, pajamas, and holiday movies while snuggling with Freddie and T. Making it a point to spend quality time with friends throughout the month.

2012-2013: Making up for lost time drunken fest. I finally had the opportunity for all the shenanigans I always wanted to experience like dressing up like a Christmas tree for sloppy santa bar crawls. Being around great, fun, friends – eating, drinking, being merry 24/7.

2010-2011: Running and dating. Was still navigating the beginnings of my first real relationship and about year later the end of it which led to lots of dating and running. In 2010 I started my love affair with running and by December 2011 I was training for my first marathon. I was really finding myself and loving myself. 

2008-2009: Lonely Decembers. I remember watching so much TV, shopping aimlessly, and crafting. I wasn’t happy for a lot of reasons and sort of hibernated. I was always so excited to roadtrip up the east coast for the holidays with visits along the way, most notably in Charlotte and Baltimore to see friends. 

2007: 1st without Daddy. My dad died the Sunday before Thanksgiving so really the whole holiday season was a blur. I do recall wearing reindeer antler headbands at the bar with friends and pointing to them whenever an awkward guy would hit on us since I had recently taught them awkward antler.  

2001-2006: Finals stress. Oh college and grad school. I don’t miss finals week at all. It was always a mix of studying, banging out papers, and creative procrastination. Along with lots and lots of boy band christmas cds. 

1998-2000: Empty, no decorations. These were the early years after my parents got divorced and holidays turned to absolute shit. Most of this time I’ve mentally blocked, but I recall one year having a “Christmas chair” in lieu of a tree because my mom refused to put anything up. 

1997: AOL isolation.  I’m pretty sure I started journaling because I knew life as I knew it was changing. Puberty, the rise of AOL, my parents’ loveless marriage on it’s last legs. AOL was a place to find community (A/S/L anyone), but also a place to escape and hide. Writing was my safe place and Hanson’s Snowed In became my favorite Christmas CD (both are still true). 

A life in reverse only makes sense when it’s lived in order. Each season has it’s purpose and will come and go. I’m curious to see what the future holds.