Fast Friday Five

  1. Watched the Fuller House premiere this morning before work and will be marathoning it with one of my besties tomorrow! 
  2. T booked the hotels for our Charleston/VA Beach trip!
  3. It’s supposed to reach 60 degrees on Sunday which is great because I need to run 12 miles!
  4. I’m excited to see my David Cook in concert on Tuesday!
  5. Freddie is at work with me today!


My half marathon training plan called for speedwork for yesterday’s work out. It felt good to do .5 mile speed bursts with a minute of recovery for 3.25 miles. 

I always find speedwork easier on either a track or a treadmill – I need to incorporate more into my running altogether. 

Sidenote: work’s been crazy busy hence the lack of posts/interactions this week. 

Lent check in

For Lent this year I decided to give up using my phone in bed for social media. This was an really bad habit that cost me precious sleep and is really a time sucking waste. 

I’m pleased to report almost 2 weeks in I only aimless grabbing my phone to look at instagram once and T stopped me within moments. 

It’s an interesting conversation I have with myself before bed or in the morning. I’m learning discipline and how to best value my time. 

Plus I’ve been sleeping really well lately and usually hitting my 8 hour goal. 


Last week: 195.1

Today: 196.2

However my body fat went from 39.2% to 39%

I need to tighten up the casual beer drinking, plus valentine’s sweets didn’t help. 

Snow Daze

Yesterday was a surprise snow day (we were supposed to be open President’s day). It derailed my Monday Yoga/Body Pump/CX routine, but I got creative and I did my Body Pump DVD and Hard Core Abs DVD along with all that fat burning from digging my car out of the snow.

Yesterday’s snow day also derailed my plan to work from home today (since I didn’t have the project/materials I planned on working on with me). So I was going to come in and go to the Barre-Pilates Fusion class I tried at work last week, but we got delayed until 10am then again until 11:30am – so no class for me. Doing some stairs and using my standing desk this afternoon. 

Looking forward to warmer temps for an 8 miler and 10 miler later this week.