Last May I did 100 pushups a day for the ENTIRE month. I got KILLER results and I was super happy! 

THIS YEAR, I am doing it again except ill be doing 100 push ups a day for TWO MONTHS. April 1st- June 1st! 

JOIN ME (for 1 month or 2!) I already roped in 2 coworkers! 

YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO 100 PUSH UPS IN A ROW!!! As long as you get them in throughout the day, you’re good to go! I started out doing sets of 10 on my knees, I gradually upped that number until I was able to do regular pushups. By the end of the month I was banging out 30 regular push ups in a row! Which for me is  A LOT! 

Get your before pictures taken, because trust me, you will be blown away by the difference! WE START WEDNESDAY!



I’m in – succumbing to peer pressure from tumblr as well as my sister and T. I’m scurrrred

Footloose – err Pain

I’m headed back to the podiatrist on Monday. My cortisone shot definitely wore off 2+ weeks ago (aka right before my half marathon, but I did have 2 months of relief). 

More concerning has been the top of my OTHER foot. I have had searing pain on the top of my left foot near my 3 little toes. I had MINOR bouts of pain on either foot like this due to major treadmill mileage, but I haven’t really been using treadmills lately. The “good” news is that the pain is no more intense after a run, so foolishly I’m still running since I have a 10 miler on the 24th. 

Proud Sissy

This winter my sister got certified to teach fitness classes and went through all the Body Pump certifications. She got a teaching gig in January at NYSC and has picked up a number of Body Pump classes at their various locations. I have been DYING to see her in action – mostly because she doesn’t have the traditional fitness instructor personality and it’s so far outside her comfort zone (I’m the loud outgoing teacher-y one).

For months I’ve been hearing about her classes and I was finally able to go to one on Monday! T and I were at my Mom’s for a quick Easter trip, we spent Sunday night with my sister so I could join her for class. Her beloved 6:30am Monday morning class on the UES. So we were up around 5 and out the door by 5:40am. It was fun to be her shadow for her regular routine. 

The NYSC on 91st and 3rd has a lovely group fitness room. We got there early and she set up her mic (which she had to buy for $300 and lugs it around on the days she teaches). I was pleasantly surprised that her class had about 18-20 people show up. I was even more surprised at what a GREAT instructor she was. 

She was a perfect balance of “drill sergeant” and motivational. She gave super clear directions and cues. I’ve been taking Body Pump weekly for the past 3 months and was familiar with most of the tracks she did, however she was by far the best as explaining the combos, cues, counting etc. 

The night before class T, my sister, and I were talk about my lack of upper body strength and inability to do a real push up, so during the push up portion of class I locked eyes with my sister as I struggled to do girl push ups she laughed into the mic. Shortly after that she left the class know that I was in the class with her in case they noticed any weird exchanges between us (or the fact that we look very much alike). 

After class I gave her feedback – 95% it was positive (I told her she needed to smile more as opposed to look concerned or angry – however that is just our faces haha). She also gave me feedback about my push ups (my arms are too close together) and she told me she was pleased with the weight amounts I used in each segment. 

I hope to frequently attend her classes when I’m able to, but those of you with NYSC memberships holler at me – she’s teaching all over the place and she’s looking at getting certified for another type of class this summer. 


  • 3/2: 194.9
  • 3/9: 192.9
  • 3/16: 195
  • 3/22: 196.5
  • Today: 195.1

Color me frustrated. Something’s gotta give. I have been “at it” workout wise since right after Christmas – I even had a super stellar workout record for the first half of March (worked out 14 out of 16 days – then I went on vacation). Being out of town to the Carolinas/VA Beach followed by a quick trip to NY for Easter has def slowed me down, but still. I’ve been in the mid 190s since JANUARY between 197-192, it’s maddening.

My eating needs to change, I need to really pay attention – I will never be a calorie counter per say, but I’m thinking about Weight Watchers – which I’ve never done, but I’ve following a ton of people on Insta who have had amazing success. 

Not gonna lie #shamrockon16 was a rough one today. Cold, wet, and windy. BUT I’m so proud of T for running a sub 2:10! It was basically a freezing cold tropical storm today. I hated most of the first half of race and worried about T. But naturally he rocked it and I finished in 2:28. He says he’s one and done on the half marathon front!


Greetings from Charleston! I just knocked out some South Carolina miles so I can cross SC off my state list! T and I were in Raleigh Wed-Thurs, Charleston yesterday-today, today and tomorrow we are visiting some of T’s old Marine Stomping grounds – Parris Island and Camp LeJeune. Then we head to VA beach Sat-Mon for our half marathon. Speaking off the half T forgot to pack his running watch (to his credit it was charging it and forgot to grab it). Any running app recs for him to use that would have voice notification of miles/pace?


I just booked a 75 minute deep tissue massage for after my half and whirlwind travel including Easter at my mother’s with T. 

The first date I could make work requires me to leave work early, but I plan on taking sick leave for it since it’s FOR MY HEALTH! Physical and mental!