On Sunday, I ran the BEA-utiful George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler in my stompin’ grounds of Alexandria. 

I am so fortunate that the Mt Vernon Trail which runs along the GW Parkway is where I have spent hundreds and hundreds of miles over the past 4 years. I had the chance in 2012 to run on the GW Parkway for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge half, but it meant more now since I’ve really grown to know and love this area. 

I am so thrilled I had a great race. Wonderful weather, wonderful friends, a great pace, and a freakin negative split ta-boot. HOWEVER, I almost DNS the race. Last Friday was one of the most emotionally draining days I’ve had in a while and for once it wasn’t work related, it was family related. I don’t talk about it hardly ever in “public” but my mom has some severe mental health issues. Friday was a bad day, everything is “okay” now, but still it was rough and my sister was a champ at handling things in NY. 

Saturday I celebrated a dear friend’s birthday at a Nats game. It was an afternoon game so I had a few beers before and during the game, but once the game was over ~3pm, I stuck to water. However by like 7pm I had such a terrible headache/migraine (which I rarely get). T was worried about me and I was in bed and asleep by 8:30pm. 

The early bedtime helped because based off how I felt when I went to sleep I thought there was going to be no way I was going to be up for a 5:00am alarm and ready to race. I felt good in the morning, met up with friends, and shuttled to Mount Vernon where the race started. I cued up my Hamilton soundtrack and let our founding fathers sing me the 10 miles to the finish. 

PS: okay so maybe my negative split is because of my potty break at mile ~4. I had to pee and the portapotty lines were long, so I went BEHIND them. It was secluded enough and I had my rear towards the back of the portapotty. As I was pulling my pants up a lady joined me to do the same! 

PPS: despite my heel being cranky for most of April and not letting me get as many training runs in between my half and this race, I am pleased to report that my heel felt great during the race and still is feeling good! 


If you didn’t know (and you prob don’t because I’ve long time followed her on Instagram) Andrea Barber AKA Kimmy Gibbler is a runner. She’s run a ton of half marathons and an assortment of other races. She’s turning the big 4-0 this year and is partnering with the Girls on the Run org for a virtual 4 miler.

Andrea Barber wants to celebrate her 40th Birthday with YOU!  Sign up for the Andrea Barber 4.0 Mile Birthday Virtual Run! Run, walk, or Gibbler Gallop 4 miles anytime, anywhere, on or before July 3, 2016.

The $40 entry fee gives participants of the virtual run a custom medal (which I NEED), graphic cotton t-shirt, and a personalized autographed headshot of Andrea.


This stud (my Daddy) would have been 67 today. I’ve missed him every single day since November 18, 2007, but was glad to have him in my life for those first 24 years.

As many of you know I “adopted” ABC2 as my charity of choice as a runner. This Sunday is my 7th Race for Hope and any donations would be much appreciated: http://www.braintumorcommunity.org/site/TR/TeamraiserEvents/RFH-DC?px=3405733&pg=personal&fr_id=2652

Find Nicole

Find Nicole

Eat good feel good! 

I’ve made the conscious decision not to post every Blue Apron meal online that I’ve cooked the past 2 weeks, but here they are in one! 

I gotta tell you I’ve noticed that I’m feeling leaner and fitter, which I think is impart to my change in diet. More FRESH good, appropriate portions, and quality ingredients. 

The ~35 min cooking is less fun when I’m alone, but the two times I’ve cooked with T are a blast. I like that I’m up and doing as opposed to on the couch or whatnot. 

I’m fortunate that I have the money right now to splurge on Blue Apron. I definitely don’t want to be salesy (this is not an ad and I am not being paid), but if you want a code for anything for a trial let me know!