2 weeks ago: 194.9

This week: 192.9

I want to be back in the 180s so bad and I know I’m on track. Once I get into the 180s I want to maintain there. I am happy in the 180s, but still working out and eating right without overdoing it. I’ve been in the 170s twice (briefly) and my life was centered around running and working out. I love running and working out, but I don’t want it to consume me. 

I had a really good chat with my friend C over the weekend. We’ve shared our ups and downs with weight and she said “this is where my body wants to be and I’m accepting that.” She said in order to be at an “ideal” weight, she had to obsess over it. Obsessing over food and working out takes the JOY out of it. As we’ve all learned this week from Chewbacca mom, we need the simple joys in life. 

Yesterday I did some MUCH needed outlet shopping. 

I have been SO bored of my clothes lately, but haven’t made time to shop. Seriously this whole winter I think I only bought 2 shirts, a puffy coat, and 2 pairs of work pants. Both shirts quickly got holes in them just from washing them (stupid Kohls, if they weren’t like on clearance I would have returned them). 

So I went to the Tanger outlets like 10 minutes from T’s house yesterday and told myself to shop and to buy things that aren’t like what I already have in my closet. 

So here’s my loot from H&M, NY&Co, and Papaya (think Mandee for my NY people or a better Charlotte Russe).

  • Got 2 dresses (that have similar patterns, but one is way casual and one is more formal – plus one is b&w and one is navy & tan)
  • Only got one horizontal stripped shirt (which I had A LOT OF at one point), this one has thinner tightly placed stripes on the top and then then stripes get slightly bigger and more spread apart. 
  • Went crazy on patterns at H&M, but they had SO MANY GREAT THINGS. 

The good/annoying part of the day is almost every shirt I tried on, I had to go back and get a smaller size. Literally every L at NY&Co was comically huge and it def should not based on my body. I get vanity sizing, but it also is hella annoying when I need to go back through the store to get everything I just tried on in a smaller size. Then there is H&M where I bought 12/medium shirts, a large dress. This is why I rarely buy clothes online, there is no telling what size fits. 

PS – All my purchases came to under $125 total 🙂

Awww last week was my 6 year tumblr-versary! 

In January 2010 I has started MeasuringLife “1.0″ on blogspot, but after a few months I caught wind of tumblr and the fitblr community (pour one out for the hey day of fitblr) and moved over to tumblr and backfilled with my blogger posts. 

Thank you for being here through my ups and down. My too many posts in a week to no posts in a week times. This outlet is a huge part of my journey.