Year to Year

June 24, 2015: 204.6
June 24, 2016: 190.7

Change: -13.9

Last year I couldn’t believe I let myself get back in the 200s. It was a slooooow battle out. It’s been a slooooow battle these past 6 months even trying to get in the 180s. But progress is progress. I’m doing it in a healthy and maintainable way. Slowly, but surely!

I think this new job will lower my stress level and making losing weight easier. Even since early June when I accepted my new job I’ve found that it’s been easier to lose weight.


Yesterday was my last day of work! I had a relatively good last week, but of course my horrendous/frustrating coworker and boss still had to be shitheads at points throughout the day.

I practically skipped out of the office after doing all my exit paperwork, turning in keys, and parking passes. (Now don’t get me wrong saying goodbye to my work wife was really sad, BUT we are going to be lifelong friends and I don’t think she’ll last much longer in that toxic environment, especially without me now).

I think I mentioned here but the past 3 months I have not been sleeping well at all. Lots work stress, frustration, anxiety kinda, and my mind racing at night. Even Wednesday night I had trouble sleeping because I knew yesterday I wanted to give some constructive feedback to my boss on my last day. Making a list at 2am of possible things to say only frustrated me more and she wasn’t really open to hearing me out despite how professional and gentle I was trying to be.

So last night. I SLEPT. I SLEPT HARD. 10 glorious hours only interrupted by trips to the potty for Freddie or me. I guess losing 350 pounds of toxic coworkers IS GOOD for you health. I feel SO MUCH LIGHTER AND FREE!

I have a weekend of fun and rest and errands ahead of me before starting my new job on Monday!


  • 2 weeks ago: 191.2
  • Last week: 192.1
  • Today: 191.0

Come on 180ssssss!

I’m thinking about doing the Beachbody 3 day refresh. New job, new house to-be, I feel like I could use a body reset too. Thoughts? 

Work Out, Balance Out

In times of transition or “chaos” I have always found comfort in working out these past 6 years that I’ve been living that fit life (haha).

Thursday is my last day of work here, new job starts Monday, thinking of moving jobs/offices, moving houses, and all the details and planning that come with. 

I have been seeking out time to run/work out/even walk just to get away from planning/thinking/feeling like I’m wasting time. 

When I’m working out that is all I can really do. I can think, sure, but if I don’t have a pen to write down a thought or make a list it’s kind of moot for me during stressful times. I commit fully to the workout and let my mind take a break (which sometimes it can’t even do when I’m supposed to be sleeping).

Last week I got Body Pump in and a few runs/walks.

Since Sunday I’ve gotten a run in, walked, went to yoga, Body Pump, and plan on going to 2 more Body Pump classes and getting a run and/or bike ride in when I’m “off” on Friday. 



I’ve been quiet lately because my world has been spinning out, but in a GOOD way.

I got a new job! Next Thursday is my last day here, then I’ve given myself a 3 day weekend before jumping into my next role at American University. It’s an advanced position, with new and increased responsibilities, and a major pay increase (which is long overdue and deserved IMHO)! 

T and I have also been townhouse hunting together (whilst I was job searching which was stressful for many reasons including not knowing my commute radius). The new job opened up a new area of northern Virginia for us to look at and low and behold we are under contract for a townhouse! We just had the inspection this week which went well. If all goes to plan we will close at the end of July! 

I also spent 48 hours in NY over the weekend which was needed. I had to deal with some family stuff I wasn’t looking forward to, but it was “better” than I feared. I also got to spend some quality time with my sister and go to another one of her awesome Body Pump classes at NYSC. 


Last week: 193.2 

This week: 191.2

Change: -2

BOOM! Although I didn’t need the scale to tell me that my body is changing, I can see it. My stomach is flatter and clothes are fitting better. However I do enjoy when the scale confirms when I can notice. 

So a few weeks ago if you recall I reduced my “eating window”  after taking a metabolic survey that said me eating small meals between ~8am-8pm was impacting my metabolism and fat/carb burning. I have been surprised how easy it’s been for me to wait until ~10:30am to eat. I might have a brief hunger pang in the morning, but I think it was more my brain than my stomach. I’m eating “breakfast” at 10:30am, then lunch around 1:30pm, and then dinner around 8pm. 

Also I’m now ~2months into Blue Apron which has really helped me with portion control and not having as much “random” food in the house. Plus I look forward to eating my Blue Apron meals and don’t want to spoil my appetite by snacking.